Iced Coffee | Healthy & Easy

Iced Coffee | Healthy & Easy

Enjoy a quick and easy refreshing drink of iced coffee, with this simple recipe. Hope you guys love it as much as I do!


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Juanita Munevar says:

I'm trying this tmr thanks!!

Steven Osuna says:

Finally a simple video and awesome song, what's it called tho?

OfficialNayeLyrics says:

Smallpools – Dreaming <3
The Chainsmokers remix is better 🙂

Zahra Wael says:

can I use nescafe espraco instead??

Art Lover says:

Reminds me of my favorite coffee at Starbucks, cinnamon almond milk macchiato

warbeast says:

amazing dope song too

lavish219 says:

So basically coffee flavored milk

Rob Taylor says:

This is how I make my iced coffee
1. make the coffee
2.put it in a jar/cup that I put in the frige the other night, with ice
3.put a single coffee sweetner it of with a little bit of milk and a homemade toping.

Daniele Kaw says:

Can I use my nespresso machine instead?

Slime says:

I thought I didn't have cinnamon

Reign says:

Can I use filtered coffee?

Kaitlyn Morint says:

Anyone ever tried using this 0 calorie stevia in there coffee? My friend recommended this for me so I just wanted some advice before buying the stuff. Thank you in advance.

Baby Gurl says:

I tried this and know this is my everyday morning drink

HunterXenios says:

Instead of sweeteners I add a protein mix and use it as a meal replacement it's great

Starry Life says:

What two shots of coffee? What equals them on teaspoon?

Aljowhara says:

I'm gonna make it RIGHT NOW actually , looks soooo yummy

Roman Marco says:

Hi i tried this recipe out with some honey added for sweetness and it is absolutely delicious! Thanks for the recipe!

Harlow's Random Channel says:

It looks really good! But, what if you want a little kick of sweet in the coffee?

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