How To Make The BEST Cold Brew Coffee Recipe

How To Make The BEST Cold Brew Coffee Recipe

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Ready to make the best tasting cup of iced coffee you’ve ever had? If so, it’s time to make my Cold Brew Coffee recipe! This one is quick, fun, and CHEAP!

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The Protein Chef says:

Best way to watch this video is muted…and learn to lip read! Sorry guys, I have a hard time watching this one now. The 3 A.M. infomercial is right on the money!!! Lol

kevin coleman says:

this guy sounds like keanu reeves from Bill & Ted…. This cold press coffee is totally awesome Bill!!!! You can save money Ted!!! and best of all, there's no bitterness …. EXCELLENT!! (high five)

Hissage says:

If I warm up the coffee would it become more acidic ? I don't like cold coffee but I would prefer this method to reduce acidity. Thanks

Ethan Fjeld says:

The voice comes from a lot of uploaders who use the television show approach I'm guessing?
Regardless it's good information which is why I love YouTube.

nagrasto says:

I feel like this guy is related to taco and works at the ebdbbnb

Jane O says:

like your video, but hate the voice.

cathy921ontheradio says:

idk why, but when you speed it up to 1.25x, he sounds like Austin Evans XDDD

Anthony Melillo says:

What was the temperature of the water right before putting it in the fridge? Cold, warm, room temp?

Michael Manukyan says:

The ratios are the same (it's 1:16 coffee to water) the amount is different

Evilcrawfish says:

hahaha this guy is a trip.

S.Parks Flyin says:

Can I get some of that cold brew??…… and whatever ya smokin?

Jaden Register says:

EXCEDRA!!!! I used to take this to get wasted. Excedra is amazing.

Thanks for the info and recipes!!!

king hippo says:

Last a whole week lol that's cute. I drank 12 ounces undiluted with bustelo espresso just this morning…. (not advised lol) it was highly caffeinated

chuck1prillaman says:

It's Excedrin (ex-SED-rin), but it's etcetera (et-SEH-ter-ah). thank you.

David Witherington says:

Is it really "excedra"?

610statestreet says:

Talk about making a mountain out of a mole hill u like to listen to yourself talk don't ya …

Joey B says:

The music used is the same that idubbbz used for content cop

David Guerrero says:

You coffee ratio is also way off. 6cups of water : 12oz of coffee. Your suggested ratio is for pretty watered down coffee. Along with dark roasted coffee, you're cutting the strength of the caffeine by a lot.

Trust me, my family has been making coffee since 1980's and own many coffee companies in San Francisco, we also roast our own coffee.

Jim Amaral says:

Excellent video! So 1 gallon to 8oz thanks

Otis the Can says:

I hear the call of the Content Cop, but he's nowhere in sight! What have you done?

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