How to Make Perfect Iced Coffee!

How to Make Perfect Iced Coffee!

Enjoy x

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MrBillieTheKid says:

Why don't you put shit in that beverage and make it official that you're drinking a POS haha

Olivia waringxo says:

i think it tastes amazing so all u hater can go fuck them self

Jonathan Cipriano says:

Now add a shot of Bailey's and you're good to go!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

RapperAB says:

I thought this was a great tutorial style video and I think people in these comments are overthinking it, Enjoy it how you want is the point from what you know. and learn more at your leisure.

TwohandLagoon006 says:

Why don't you just make it then put it in the fridge overnight then out ice cubes & creamer in it? Your doing it the worst way possible

Nazneen banu says:

This is soo stupid and also she is trying to be stylish. Like other cool youtubers which is not working for her

MJD 7 says:

Wow have u ever heard of a kettle

Zehra Rizvi says:

What's your into song?

Han Che says:

The coffee cup was entirely useless. I'm pretty sure it's function was to be just product placement

Sveva says:

So it's just watered down, cold cappuccino? Oh ok

Lavee Yang says:

To make a good ice coffee get quality like Peet's coffee beans, grind 3 tablespoon per 1 cup of cold water. Add water into a container, add coffee ground (coarse). Mix/stir. Let the coffee soak in the water for 12+ hours or overnight to make coffee concentrate. Strain coffee concentrate from grounds using a strainer. I use a French press for this so I plunge, wait 5 minutes for residues to settle and I pour into my favorite mason jar. Optionally add cream and sugar and stir. Add ice, stir and drink.

The coffee is strong so delicious.

Jason Hobman says:

your accent is annoying as fuck!!

prank vsprank says:

so we can all agree this is not the best way to Make Perfect Iced Coffee

Mellie Vern says:

You don't use expresso?

Aloma Tally says:

I turn the coffee pot off and let it cool down completely. I then put it in the refrigerator until it is good and cold. Then I add French Vanilla liquid creamer to it….no extra sugar needed…..Pour it over ice and there you have it.

Olivia says:

I swear the intros to any fkn video are the longest parts

Casino Bo says:

why people Goin ham in the comments. people taking coffee too serious lol

thisisnotchannel says:

Tip: make ice cubes from coffe that way the ice cibes wont water down the coffe

Miriam Lopez says:

What was that song in the very beginning ?

Hobbes 779 says:

woah wtf, why are people being mean it's coffee and how SHE likes to make it. lmao if your going to throw a tissy fit about the way someone makes COFFEE don't watch it.

Damjan Lalovic says:


Rockstar203 says:

To all the haters it's her recipe her way if U don't like it then leave and don't come back.

awesomeSylvia46 says:

easiest diy iced coffeevid thx.!! I will try it today!!!

EElectric_M says:

Sounds like Tana Mongoose

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