How to Make Cuban Coffee – Cafe Cubano Recipe (Cuban Café ‘Espresso’ with Faux Crema / Espuma)

How to Make Cuban Coffee – Cafe Cubano Recipe (Cuban Café ‘Espresso’ with Faux Crema / Espuma)

Step-by-step Cuban Coffee recipe will walk you through how to make the best, sweet, frothy Café Cubano with a thick layer of faux crema on top. This layer, called “espuma”, is made of whipped sugar, which you’ll see how to make in the video. Super easy, super delicious. ** KEEP READING FOR MORE TIPS ….

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**Making a Thicker, Sweeter Version**
If you prefer your Cuban Coffee closer in consistency to the kind served in paper cups in Miami, you’ll have to increase the sugar content to around 1 – 1.5 TABLESPOONS per serving. Check out the blog post for pics of what the final product looks like when you use more sugar. It’s far thicker, the espuma layer is deeper, and the coffee becomes lighter:

** What kind of coffee should I use? **
Cuban coffees are most traditional, but any medium-to-dark roast will do. Cuban coffee is sold at almost all grocery stores. Brands include Cafe Bustelo and Cafe Pilon, among others. These coffees are a bit finer in grind than I typically recommend for moka pots, which makes the next tip ESPECIALLY important:

** My Abuela tamps the coffee down. Why shouldn’t I? **
This is a common mistake with modern moka pots. The instructions with most of today’s moka pots specifically state not to tamp, and for good reason. Tamping makes it harder for the steam to rise through the grounds. This creates a build-up of pressure that modern, aluminum moka pots are not constructed to handle, putting you at risk of a blow-out. Using finely ground coffee (common with Cuban coffee brands) increases this risk since the smaller grinds mean more compaction, less air, and more pressure build-up. So it’s especially important not to tamp.

** You’re using decaf. What’s wrong with you… **
Health issues dictate that I’m stuck drinking decaf for the foreseeable future. But you don’t have too! Lucky you!

** You don’t use enough sugar, or the wrong sugar. **
It’s true, traditional Cuban Coffee can have as much as a full TABLESPOON of sugar per cup. Feel free to add more sugar if you like. For me, 1-2 teaspoons per serving provides a great balance that is still very sweet, but allows the coffee flavor to shine through. But in general, more sugar = thicker espuma. For the sugar type, I’ve used standard white sugar, but brown sugar or turbinado can be used as well.

** Don’t add extra water to the coffee. **
I agree. But as I say in the video, this option is only for folks who can’t stomach the full-strength stuff. It’s not traditional.

** My Abuela says you’re doing it wrong. **
Like any “traditional” recipe, there’s many variations out there, and the makers of each one will always claim theirs as the most “authentic”. And they may be right!

** Safety Advisory: **
Moka pots have been used in households worldwide for decades. But it is a pressure-based system, so it’s important to read your manual and follow all safety instructions recommended by the manufacturer. Never leave a moka pot unattended on the heat.


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MokaBees says:

*REGARDING MELT-DOWNS OVER MY USE OF DECAF:* As mentioned in the video description, I'm stuck using decaf due to a heart condition. Decaf is obviously not traditional here. But if you can use standard coffee — more power to you. I envy you!

eric whitlow says:

Love the video and humor.

SSchithFoo says:

Pfff… weaker coffee he says..

tyler says:

Pre-ground decaffeinated coffee? Might as well use freeze dried dirt.

Francisco Viper Díaz says:

Excelente. Gracias.

Charles Lee Smading says:

I sometimes wonder which taste the best a Cuban Sandwich or some Clean Sweet Super Tight Cuban Pussy

cpagerun says:

Hmmmm. I was in Cuba a couple of years ago and I don't remember my coffee being like this. How unfortunate for me.

Birsu Tamer says:

Hmmm this looks really good! Should I make this instead of studying and being responsible? Yes. 100% yes.

Jhonatan Meza Milla says:


ZanderKaneUK says:

I've read you should add boiling water to the moka pot not cold water, because whilst the water is getting up to heat it can harm the taste of the coffee (burnt it).

Britt Yvonne says:

What size is this moka pot?

conni70 says:

Cuba, along with Brazil and Argentina are the few nations in Latin America with a strong coffee culture..

olr dvh says:

Thank you for not having a long intro, talking about how you are going to show us how to make cuban coffee! I hate those!

guguigugu says:

sugar ruins coffee for me

G P says:

Thank you for this video! It was interesting to watch and read your post. I don't quite make it this way, but that's okay! My abuela taught me differently, that's all. I also use less water and less sugar because I prefer a darker, more bitter taste.

I also use brown sugar (imported from the Caribbean) but I will try it with white sugar as well! It could be interesting.

Also, it's important that you mentioned the tamping. Indeed, that should not be done. Both my mom and my abuela don't, not these days. Maybe back in the day, but as you say, it shouldn't be done now given the making of today's moka pots.

I can't believe people gave you grief for using the decaf. It's still Cuban coffee, so what's the problem here? People need to calm down and enjoy their cafecito and let others enjoy theirs as they like it, seriously!

Prahasta Nugraha says:

not line the part of "extremely sweet", can make it with not too sweet??

laca zette says:

What does whipping the sugar do though? Does it just give it a frothy feel when consumed?

Charliezard says:

Im spent 10 minutes to shaking the sugar and coffee but it doesnt mix to crema.. Theyre colour still transparant.. Why?

Martin Kohoutek says:

This looks so delicious but I wasn't able to do it. Mine turned out to be disgustingly sweet without any foam. And I really tried 😀 I must be doing something wrong. But nice videos!!!!! This is totally my mistake 😛

kit8089 says:

tried making this coffee before watching the video. Did not whip the sugar. Gonna try again tomorrow morning. I clicked subscribe. Simple quick to the point video. I like it, and no I saw the decaf and immediately thought "there must be a reason" instead of having a meltdown. thanks for the video!!!

Jeremy Ortiz says:

I just made cafe cubano for the first time using this tutorial, and it came out wonderfully. Thanks for the simple, to-the-point video!

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