Welcome to STUDENT MEALZ! How to make Iced Coffee? Well today we’re going to tell you just that ;p There’s not so much to it to be honest hehe :p We hope that you’ll enjoy this episode 😀


– Some sugar
– A cup of COLD coffee
– Some milk
– And some ice cubes

== RECIPE ==

– Take a pitcher and pour in the coffee
– Add as much milk to the coffee
– Add about 3-4 teaspoons of sugar
– Mix well
– Take a serving glass
– Add some ice
– Pour in the coffee mixture
– And enjoy it with a straw! 😀

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Kat Maw says:

I think I've found the perfect channel for making my meals. God bless you, now I won't starve.

cosmic says:

Do you have anyway to keep it cold during class? I have a class second block where I need the coffee the most.

The CLICKER says:

It's milk diluted with coffe WTH are people doing ! So much shit on YouTube

Dineth Naranapitiya says:

Your gonna get diabetes soon

Mr. X. says:

Wait, wait, how many pints in a US dollar?

Simplays says:

You can also use ice stones
Yes actually stoned that freeze with out getting a layer of ice around them.

⚠️Do not use stones from outside your house ice stones are completely different⚠️

Leafy Copycat says:

m89 you drink coffe black not with half of the coffee being milk

iTzSwaggyLaggyFTW says:

This is cancer

Emily Ross says:

You want some coffee with that milk?

Katz& Maple says:

R.I.P Han Solo
he drowned in a cup a deliciousice coffee

lol thanks for your recipe


Can you use a sweetner insted of sugar

shaikha Bawazir says:

You could replace the suger with vanilla icecream ..I blend it with fresh full cream milk..and add the nescafe..yummy! Give it a try bud!

Edits by Ida says:

The ice coffe actually tasted really good and I was surprised Bc I don't drink coffee, Thank you

Brian West says:

Done took the black out of the coffee

charles jumangit says:

I don't get it when i was on my old house i know how to make a ice coffee but when i move to America I'm so confuse idk what recipe do i use.

Khiba01 says:

quello non è un caffè freddo quella è merda americana

Gavyn Dixon says:

does have to be ice cubes

Ihazdapuncake :p says:

This dude just made coffe with milk instead of water

Sana Rajesh says:

Its nice……….

Mijan Losdos says:

how to make milk with coffe*

Lylia Issiridir says:

Your accent is so cuuute hhhhh

Anime Lover says:

Thank god I found this channel now i don't have to go to starbucks and waste over 4 dollars all the time:)

Niko Th3 Gam3r says:

wait is this for kids (I'm curious)

Daily Dose Of Something says:

Here's how to make a ice coffee
1. Make coffee
2. Put ice
3. Add milk, sugar, etc.

Radames Vlogs says:

Love your accent! Yummy coffee 🙂

Savvy says:

does the coffee have to be cold or warm?

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