Cold Coffee Recipe | Thick & Creamy Cold Coffee at Home | Coffee Milkshake ~ By The Terrace Kitchen

Cold Coffee Recipe | Thick & Creamy Cold Coffee at Home | Coffee Milkshake ~ By The Terrace Kitchen

Now you can also make Thick & Creamy Cold Coffee at home without any hassle. Just follow this simple recipe to make a café style Cold Coffee with ease.

– 3 Tbsp Instant Coffee
– 2 Cups Chilled Milk
– 3 Tbsp Sugar
– 6 Scoops (Medium Size) Vanilla Ice Cream
– ½ Cup Fresh Cream
– 3 Tbsp Chocolate Sauce
– 3 Ice Cubes
– 1 Tbsp Warm Water
– Some Cocoa Powder and Whipped Cream for Garnishing (Optional)


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Evita Prince says:

wow I knew from the get go that this would turn out good……..and so it did;)

akshata chowhan says:

It's yummmmmmy. Stopped my craving for cold coffee looking at cafes after this.

Harsh Patel says:

i will try and is asm

Farha Malik says:

I ❤️ your recipes

Super Dude says:

2 Cups Of Chilled Milk.
6 Scoops ( Medium Size ) of Vanilla Ice Cream.
3 Tbsp Sugar.
3 Tbsp Instant Coffee.
3 Ice Cubes.
3 Tbsp (Chocolate Syrup or Chocolate Sauce).
1/2 Cup Of Fresh Cream.
1 Tbsp Warm Water.
Some Cocoa Powder And Whipped Cream For Garnishing (Optional).
Step # 1 = Add 1 Tbsp Of Warm Water to 3 Tbsp Of Instant Coffee And Give A Good Mix Until Coffee Is Dissolved In The Water, It Won't Take Much Time.

Special Note : Completing Step # 1 ""Becomes"" Coffee Mix.

Step # 2 = Pour 2 Cups Of Chilled Milk Into The Blender, The Milk Is Boiled And Cooled, Add 3 Tbsp Of (Chocolate Syrup or Chocolate Sauce), Add 1/2 Cup of Fresh Cream (Is Not A Whipping Cream), 3 Tbsp Of Sugar, ((Add Coffee Mix)),… Now Blend this for a few seconds so the sugar is completely dissolved so you can see the coffee has a little bit of little frothy to this we are going to…

Step # 3 = Add The Vanilla Ice Cream These Are Medium Sized Not Big Scoops So In Goes The Vanilla Ice Cream and Three Ice Cubes's again you need to blend this for a few seconds in the ice cream is dissolved but do NOT over blend, just till the ice cream is mixed, when the coffee has become very frothy now, let it stand for a few seconds and will become more frothy and will collect at the top.

Step # 4 = Take Two Mason Jars and decorate the jars with chocolate syrup. All Froth Goes Into The First Jar But The Whip Cream Goes Only Into The Second Jar. Cocoa Powder goes on top of the Jar with Froth but chocolate syrup goes over the whip cream drink.
Question # 1 : How much goes into one cup of milk?
Question # 2 : What type of Scoop do you use for Medium Size?
Question # 3 : How big are the ice cubes?
Question # 4 : How much for 1/2 cup of cream ?

Jennyfer says:

can i skip the fresh cream?

Tunmay Mishra says:

I can made cold cofee better then you

Hari hara sudan K says:

fresh needed?

Hari hara sudan K says:

what was it at the end u used

Hari hara sudan K says:

what was it at the end u used

Art Nerdy Nigzz says:

Looks yummy

Alirah Jordan says:


aloke roy says:

it look sooo tasty

charu saxena says:

thanks for posting it .it is yummy

sirisha banavathu says:

But what is chilled milk

sirisha banavathu says:

I want to try it

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