Cold Coffee Recipe in Tamil | How to make cold coffee at home in Tamil | Coffee Milkshake

Cold Coffee Recipe  in Tamil | How to make cold coffee at home in Tamil | Coffee Milkshake

In this video we will see how to make cold coffee recipe in Tamil. Cold coffee incorporates the wonderful stimulation of coffee and the rice and creaminess of icecream. It is a pleasant beverage to enjoy during the hot summer months. You can add some whipped cream at the top to create a more aesthetic looking coffee milkshake. The chocolate syrup complements the coffee flavor very nicely.

Please do try this cold coffee at home and beat the summer heat and cool down with friends and family. Also please do share your feedback about the recipe in the comments below. All the best and happy cooking!!

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ramya aravind says:

Sister health ah paathukonga fat aaramaathiri iruku…

Aki Ammu says:

Hai sister I love ur all recipes

Shobhana Shobu says:

Steffi , your recipes are our strength to enter into kitchen 🙂  Dhryama kanna mooditu neenga solra proportion follow panna podhum all the dishes turn out to be Yummmy. But recently u hav focussed more on snacks , please give all kind of recipes , rombo naal aaydchu oru nalla gravy or mixed rice andha mari lam. Waiting for some good one in the coming weeks 🙂

meenakshi kannan says:

Malai kofta receipe pananga akka

Aslam Nafilayy6 says:

Super sis naa try pannanum

Bala Murugan says:

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abdul rasith says:

Chocolate syrup illama milkshake panna mudiuma

Nandha kumar says:

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raja pandiyan says:

My favorite cold coffee. Super sissy

Fathima Benazir says:

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Pavanya Manohar says:

Hi mam…where to buy the small mixer which u used for blending?

neelima wiyyapu says:

Where to buy that whipped cream spray??

leelu srini says:

For d sake of kids I m asking. coffee powder s nt gud for kid so….

Shyamala S says:

Neenga soldra vedhame thani alagu unga vessels kooda romba nalla eruku romba easy method solle thareenga sollumbodhe sayya asai varudu Thank you

varadha Rajan says:

Na ippove seyya porean Akka neenga dal curry epd panrathunu video potrukingala .shoot pannnalana senju upload pannunga seekiram

Priya Dharshini says:

super sis I will try

Sudha P says:

Aunty can u make home made chocolate

Sangeetha Narayanan says:

Kalakureenga Steffi.. Romba super. Eppadi irukeenga?

ah2 ah2 says:

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Manimaran S Pillai says:

Hai Steffi sis after a big gap pleasent to watch ur video. Delicious coffee shake



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