Cold Coffee Recipe – How To Make Minty Ice Coffee – Summer Drink – Neha Naik

Cold Coffee Recipe – How To Make Minty Ice Coffee – Summer Drink – Neha Naik

Learn how to make Minty Ice Coffee recipe by Chef Neha Naik only on Get Curried.

Try this easy Summer Drink recipe at home and let us know in the comments below.

Ingredients for mint water:
250 ml – Water
Mint leaves

Cold coffee mixture:
50 ml – Cold Water
4 tsp – Instant Coffee powder

Minty Ice Coffee:
4 tbsp – sugar
Cold coffee mixture
Mint water
100 ml – Milk (boiled)
Ice cubes
Mint leaves

Method of preparation:
In a saucepan, add water, mint leaves, and let them boil.
In a glass, add cold water, and Instant Coffee powder. Give it a stir.
Our cold coffee mixture is ready.
Strain the mint water into the glass, add in sugar and give it a quick stir. Add milk and give it a quick stir.
Keep it in a refrigerator for chilling.
After one hour add some ice cubes and top it with the mint leaf.
Our Minty Ice Coffee is ready.

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Mrugesh Vaghela says:

Too much water, i would like to have more milk than water.

Nivedya Ram says:

Sorry but that is not my cup of coffee

swagat rath says:

I've been waiting for your recipe!! I guess this will be great for summer!!

Jack K says:

You guys should really be more active on Instagram.

Panthera Pardus says:

I should try this. Love coffee <3

Satish says:

You call this a recipe??

saira hussaini says:

Idiotic recipe..simple coffee which z only chilled

smurfman691 says:

4 tablespoons of sugar!!

A.J.Z says:

i wonder the reasons for a diabetes epidemic in India …..i'm sure it couldn't be sugar

Wagh Vasu says:

So much of water

arijitsh7 says:

Dropping ice cubes will only dilute the coffee. Reduce the taste. Overall ok.

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