Café Bombón Coffee Recipe | Food Busker

Café Bombón Coffee Recipe | Food Busker

The Café Bombón (also known as a Cortado Condensada) coffee recipe originated in the Spanish city of Valencia. Food Busker and coffee lover John Quilter’s here to demonstrate his version of this super simple recipe for a powerful, sweet coffee drink. All you need is condensed milk and strong espresso coffee. Try it after dinner in place of dessert and let us know what you think!

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BigEvan96 says:

You use glass?

assassintwinat8 says:

Okay when he did the Vietnamese ice coffee everyone jumped down his throat, but leave out the ice and everyone's perfectly fine.

Chanastnant Chulapak says:

In Thailand called Coffee YOK-LOR 😉

hermest99 says:

I can imagine condensed milk making everything good. Every condensed milk and coffee combination works.

El cocinero Justo says:

Y esta rico. Un saludo
and the rich. a greeting.

Greg Bryan says:

Ive lived in Spain near Valencia since I was 4 and I thought that the Bombón was a well known international standard coffee haha I didn't know it was Spanish. I can confirm thath this is widely drunk here in Spain probably more so than a white coffee

pablo falero says:

Jamie can you teach me how to make condensed milk, i try it once and it was pretty bad xD thanks btw love your videos

iamMichaelScott57 says:

Nice video ! i love making coffee at home. i'm wondering , what's the glass for this coffee cortado? 🙂

Maxwell A says:

In Malaysia we call it KOPI O

The Vegetarian Baker says:

This looks amazing. I can't wait to try this. 😀

Diego Manenti Martins says:

Thumbs up for the ska track 🙂

Matthias Wong says:

in malaysia we call it kopi c, no need to translate, it means coffee with milk

linited says:

This is what a Vietnamese coffee is but a lot smaller haha. It's delicious with a whole lot of ice in it too. Though I'm not a big fan of those pods. They are really bad for the environment. If I make this I use Vietnamese coffee with the little metal drip/saucer thing [Sorry don't know the english word for it]. But I vouch for the this being tasty.

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