Tutorial: LEGO Coffee Maker

Tutorial: LEGO Coffee Maker

A tutorial on how to build a Lego coffee maker.



Amanda Haynes says:

I have the coffe cup from lego movie 0_0

826gigi says:

hehe chunkie…..

brickboys518 says:

Not in one piece. We may still have the instruction manual or the box.

ashurathesadxhacker says:

@TheBrickBroadcast lol

chandlerj333 says:

@superguy940 CHAUNKEH!

czar trak says:

i dont have a cup 🙁

Hendryck De los santos says:

i like it alot

brickboys518 says:

You’re welcome! 😀

brickboys518 says:

@MrNickfreeze How did we copy you? This video came out before your account
was even created AND you don’t have a single video!

Jose Gallardo says:

That’s so easy!

11moneybags says:


Marvin Sanchez says:

your videos are easy and awesome dude!

crivelaro1001 says:

man, you are a lego-guy, cool videos!

u20047 says:

cool coffe machine

EmilyOsmenttv2 says:

I made 40 beacuse my sister wanted to make a diner lol its pretty cool bye

brickboys518 says:

@MrNickfreeze Well, let’s think about that for a moment… This design was
from the first LEGO Police Station in somewhere around 2002. It was also
featured in a few other sets around that time and we have been making that
design for over 7 years. Although we don’t doubt that you made this too,
the whereabouts where we got that design are now fully known 🙂 Thank you
for your time.


that is how i make it too !!

odObo01 says:

That was awesome! And so simple 😀

maz ali says:

Simple but cool

TheBrickBroadcast says:

@ashurathesadxhacker damn right

brickboys518 says:

@seinfeldfan7898 Really? Thank you for the tip!

mdbcam says:

“Chunkies”? Really?

miguel boites says:

can you replace the coffee mug with a canister

WWaveform Creations says:

I’ve noticed in some of your videos some of your pieces were yellowed. You
can easily fix that by bathing them in Hydrogen Peroxide. 🙂

robloxSodaCanRobot says:

@MrNickfreeze you suck biatch

legomanx10 says:


superguy940 says:

chunkie?? lol 😛

brickboys518 says:

lol, yeah, we are trying to stop saying things like that….

legoman511 says:

i made 10 of these for my resturant

brickboys518 says:

We already have! Try looking through our videos. 🙂

59dunstan says:

All your videos are nice and simple, thanks!

Irate Prophet says:

really clever. Five stars!

ณัฐนนท์ ประไพสิทธิ์ says:


babesallaround says:

lego 4 life

slimedude553 says:

That came from a lego fire station that I have

1000Strikerz says:

@seinfeldfan7898 you can? i never knew thanks, i have to try that.

siLentks says:

u can make the coffee maker with a transparent 1×1 brick to make it look
even better 🙂 and this coffee maker was included in sets in 1990-1995 when
lego was better than it is today with all these big huge special pieces 😉

missLPSproductions says:

@MrNickfreeze well, he made that vid before you ever said that and
apparently people are saying you dont have a vid on how to make that so

HockeyFan7374 says:

@antonio2646 its 5 pieces, dude. who cares if hegot it from a set.

Wowyouhack says:

1 by 1 chunky piece. WTF??? Get their names right..

Andy Crucial says:

@seinfeldfan7898 You do know there are two brownish grey colors, right?

stephen girling says:

@seinfeldfan7898 hydrogen peroxide is very toxic!If you decide to use it be
very very cautious! im gonna eat a waffle now.:)

bigwest3900 says:

You should check out mine 😀

Alberto Mendez says:

very cool

WWaveform Creations says:

@steveability100 Hydrogen Peroxide is not toxic. You apply it to cuts to
sterilize it.

Runos9999 says:

@MrNickfreeze hes better than you at eveything including commenting

Kither Pk says:

@brickboys518 you guys should remove the comment from mr nickfreeze

brickboys518 says:

Actually, we got this from a set that came out in the late 1980’s/ early
1990’s. A really old fire station set.

SidBraidGriff says:

how is it possible that something so small using 5 pieces can be so
detailed and awesome? u guys rule

JanTubeHD says:

hey mr. brick boys you can make a lego flat screen tv!

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