Tea Candle Stove/Coffee maker

Tea Candle Stove/Coffee maker

This is a small cooker that can be used with a penny stove, or used for a slower heat with three tea candles. Takes up to an hour to boil, but it only uses a…



chickenbonewatt says:

Well, could be. I had to come up with something after a Hurricane a few
years ago and no power for weeks.

joslynn417 says:

seems to be a bit too many steps to me

intezam says:

Ok , I am sipping coffee boiled on candle now, anyway it didn’t work with a
tea candle.I ussed some cotton wrap from a first aid box and soaked it in
the liquid candle wax. Ithrew it into a low bowl and fired it up. On top I
put my water on two pieces of metal.This was an emergency as my electrical
stove broke and I need (!) a hot drink first in the morning. There is a lot
of sooth, but its better then having no coffee/tea at all

Pikeman50 says:

Cool! Is it safe really to consume that? I heard cooking with tin gives ya

chickenbonewatt says:

Got a faster heat time and higher end temp by using 4 tea candles instead
of three when testing today. I’ll be using it that way unless I dont have

RabbitSlippersBlog says:

That is supposed to be aluminum. That is also not 100% proven.

chickenbonewatt says:

Pretty good idea!!

sunandmoon111 says:

cut the height of the can down. it will make the heat closer to the cooking
pan or pot

chickenbonewatt says:

@h0meIandsecurity I think about an hour and a half or so, but 1 candle
doesn’t produce enough heat. Using three-four really works well.

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