Tassimo T40 Fidelia: Coffee maker Review

Tassimo T40 Fidelia: Coffee maker Review

Tassimo T40 Fidelia: Coffee maker Review
Review/Demonstration of the Bosch Tassimo T40 Fidelia Hot drinks machine/Coffee maker.

Points I didn’t add to the review are:
The drinks aren’t boiling hot, this is fine with me but if you like very hot drinks or add a lot of cold milk you’ll have to heat them more with a microwave.
Taste wise most cartridges are better than instant coffee but don’t taste as good as Coffee made with an Espresso machine.
I got my T40 for about £20 after a sale and using vouchers but don’t pay more than £50 for it.
I’m unsure how the taste compares to a Krups Dolce Gusto or Nespresso but got a Tassimo due to T-Discs being cheaper to buy.



norma jean says:

on tassimo website they doing the machine and 12 pods for £53… bargain!! https://www.tassimo.co.uk/offers/fidelia-bundle-/p-fidelia1/

dale Guy says:

hi. i got the t.12. it doz give extra water.

Iyah n says:

good review, clear and direct… i got one of these off of ebay for £37.99, bit of a risk as it was factory refurbished, i was quite luck i got a new unused one with the vouchers for £20 off (or something). great little machine to mess about and experiment. great for me…

WeaponCollector says:

I have never used one of those, i do love coffee though, decent review mate.


Bleakunending says:

Hand powered coffee grinder and a cafétiere works for me.

MR 8 says:

Weapons and coffee Liam- smashin!!! we got a £135 one for 35 so we were chuft….

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