Starbucks Verismo 600 Review

Starbucks Verismo 600 Review

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Starbucks Verismo 600 FEATURES:
– High-pressure brewing system heats up and is ready to make beverages in 15 seconds or less.
– Variable temperature system allows for optimum coffee extraction and milk steaming.
– Dedicated rinse button makes cleaning and maintenance of the machine easy.
– Height-adjustable drip tray accommodates different sized cups.
– Auto-off activates after 15 minutes to save energy.
– Easily removable BPA-free water tank makes refilling simple.
– Built-in used pod removal system automatically moves up to 10 pods to storage for easy cleanup.



Ragingfighter1 says:

Really a great machine. I use it daily so I definitely know.

ragingbeast1000 says:

You look like a crack head

Dominique Caturay says:

I had my v600 for a year now. I just love it. 

David Carasso says:


Kody Petkovich says:

That is a nice looking coffee maker. Since i have really gotten into good
dark roast coffee i think this will be a worthy investment.

Eren J. says:

I got it for $60 BITCH

Igor Del Norte says:

Starbucks Verismo 600 Review 

Igor Del Norte says:
uutuber431 says:

i want to have sex with this guy

How To says:

Hey if you want to save money on your VERISMO GO TO MY CHANNEL AND WATCH A

Ragingfighter1 says:

You can’t reuse the pods though you have to cut the tops of refill it with
your own coffee and tinfoil the top sealed just make sure you have the the
pods from pike place coffee or coffee pods. No espresso pods for this

man4man7110 says:

So what’s the difference between the 580 & the 600 besides the price . I
just ordered my 600 . 

Jesus Garnica says:

Is it more quiet than the 580?

Lillian Wisdom says:

Thank you Brian for this review of the Verismo 600 machine. I just
purchased my very own Verismo 600 machine last week because of your review
on it. This is my very first espresso machine ever. I absolutely am in Love
with it, My husband makes me a Caramel Latte when I am in my office in the
morning, I work from home. I have made both my teens expresso drinks, and
they love it. I recently visited my local Starbucks to purchase more
expresso pods and they have missed my business & company showing up 3X a
week. I did the math on my monthly bill of starbucks recently and it was
$145.00 a month, ( Who Knew) which means a big savings on my pocket book.
Love your videos keep them coming.
Thank You,
Lily from L.A.

Robyn Teresa says:

Sometimes I find water where the used pods go and I feel like I’m cleaning
it wrong. Do you just clean with the rinse button? Or do you use the
espresso button?

YoSoySterling says:

How about a video of your favorite coffee-based drinks.

Admiral Anus says:

I love the way you say button…

Paul Newell Jr says:

Is the espresso button programmable to two ounces on the 600 like it is on
the 585?

Katalina Jong says:

How does the milk taste, like steam millk or not? I really would like to
know, anyone?

PlanetFabulous says:

Girl…those gloves are freaking me out! 

Steve Mazer says:

Does the new 600 drip as much as the older 580 after the coffee has been
made? You mentioned in your review of the 580 that it continued to drip
after the coffee was made (much more than other machines), so much so that
you needed to empty the drip tray frequently.

Doria Alberg says:

I LOVE my 600 Verismo. I need to buy stock in Starbucks. I’ve been at the
store picking up pods 4 times since Christmas!

Josh Brown says:

Thank you been waiting for a review

RakanWD says:

Great coffee machine

alicia4065 says:

what if you used soy instead of those will this machine work since
starbucks do not sale soy pods

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