Starbucks Barista Uses Slayer Espresso Machine

Starbucks Barista Uses Slayer Espresso Machine

I had the honor and pleasure of spending time with Eric Perkunder, developer of the Slayer espresso machine — The world’s most talked about and desired espr…



Devester Oner says:

Dude you suck at making drinks. You pull expresso like a girl. It looks
like you added to much preasure when pressing down the grounds then you
blow on it to remove any coffee grounds around the lip the the handle? You

Lorenzo Perkins says:

@ranier202 but here is a person willing to, on their personal time, go and
learn about espresso and techniques from one of the brightest in the
business. He may not tamp his shots at work, but he’s a barista as far as
I’m concerned.

Andrew Southworth says:

@ranier202 Barista is literally his job title. Also, barista is defined as
someone who makes and serves coffee. Plus, tamping the grinds requires
barely anymore skill than pressing a button. All the buttons do is save
time because of the high volumes in the stores. You also still have to
steam milk the same way. Thats like saying someone isn’t a computer
programmer because they use software to assist them making their programs,
unlike the old way using “1’s and 0’s”. Technology is good.

SBUXIronChef says:

@benjorgensen1 Thanks! I know some people aren’t thrilled with how im
operating the Slayer. Yes, I did learn coffee from a company that
essentially lets you push buttons for espresso extraction. However, I did
latte art for customers, coffee tastings, and connected with my customers.
Customer connection needs to improve in the 3rd wave. Rainer202 says Im not
a barista because I push buttons. So does that mean a person who can pull
the perfect shot, but makes crap foam IS a barista?

bmxphenom50 says:

People who work at Starbucks are not baristas

patrick b says:

Starbucks and Barista are used in the same sentence.

s4bishi says:

OMG…. Distribution? Uneven Tamping? Knocking? Stop Breaking the Rim… No
Pre Brewing? Defeats the whole purpose of Slayer And, the Channeling???
Cups out without stopping/tailing the flow.. Far out, you knew what
blonding was, but disregarded the channeling??? I almost had a heart
attack….. T-T

drinkthecoffee says:

Ranier, not cool, man. IronChef, keep up the learning.

cclementi6 says:

You can’t even see the distribution, what are you talking about. Does it
matter if he knocked it before tamping? I don’t know about you, but I
definitely saw a pre brew… What about the channeling? I didn’t even see
any. I think you’re being a bit of a coffee snob. He’s obviously new to
this, and everyone started somewhere. I think you’re pre-judging him a bit
just because he works at Starbucks.

ranier202 says:

yes I work. My point was that there are people who are just unbelievably
dedicated to coffee, espresso… and give everything to make the best cup
every time. And in starbucks you actually just push buttons… So in my
opinion the two are just worlds apart and a starbucks employee doesnt
deserves the title “barista”

ToplessArt says:

@ranier202 There’s still a certain amount of dedication and skill
subjective to every barista who works at Starbucks. Irrespective of pushing
buttons, customers will certainly tell you that some baristas just make
drinks better than others and care much more to do so, hence why there are
regular customers pertaining to every store. Not to mention milk steaming
is still very much a skill that requires timing, attention, and care, and
can’t be done properly simply by pressing “Auto”.

akarisame says:

that was so cool!

ranier202 says:

awesome machine, but dude, don’t call yourself a barista, you work a
starbucks… you push buttons…

Ben Jorgensen says:

this vid is so cool. its like a really good first step to how to spread
third wave coffee. the starbucks guy did a great job! with a bit more
preatice he will be up there pretty high.

warren sullivan says:

and you work?……..

renix says:

Completely agree it’s just a job title. But aside from that I disagree.
Automation and food quality do not go hand in hand. Tamping is just that,
smashing, but espresso extraction is much more than that (that’s actually
the most dull part). It sounds like you don’t really understand the depth
of knowledge WBC champs have.

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