Should I Use A French Press Coffeemaker?

Should I Use A French Press Coffeemaker?

Thinking of switching to a French Press coffee maker? This short video from the experts at will tell you all that you need …



Wade Patton says:

Never used anything else since the first time i ever used a french press.
Can make your own if a craftsman. 

peardrax77 says:

I just bought a brandani french press ( looks like the first one he showed
in video) at marshalls for $12.99.

Dan says:

You can get a knock off french press for like 20 bucks at walmart. Ive been
using mr coffees press model just with regular coffee grounf used in a 12
cup maker. To me i like cofee grounded or whole bean in a press. 

Cold Steel says:

ahhhh my man i like the way you think!!!! i just now made a decision ima
switch to a french press coffee maker, i like my coffee with good rich

capdatzme19 says:

Once a person gets the opportunity to experience a cup of coffee prepared
thru a french press most likely will enjoy it. (average =. 7 out of 10)) It
is a total full body flavor and textural delight. I worked a barista
position for 3 years and I presented coffees/history/ and different serving
preparations from all over the world. Your French Press information video
was perfect to all viewers.

Bosque Lya says:

We always and only use the french press to prepare our especialty coffee of
Bosque Lya

GlenGorgeous says:

Awesome review!

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