Send Me To Vienna Campaign Video: How To Make Lattes Without An Espresso Machine

Send Me To Vienna Campaign Video: How To Make Lattes Without An Espresso Machine How to make lattes and latte art at home without an espresso machine or a milk frother.



Fedor Voronov says:

the art was splendid, very conceptual, much like it 

Arshad Mehmood says:

wtf did I just watch?

John Shay says:

the reason the chocolate isn’t staying is cuz the line you are pouring is
too thick, if anyone else is watching this take a Popsicle stick or spoon
dip it in the choc and let it drizzle over the top of the latte, also you
need more foam

Sharpshark Shaposhnikov says:

lol i cant stop laughing
“shake shake shake shake”
you’r such a badass,making a mess

Clarsie387 says:

Thank you very much for this tutorial!

Moises Morales says:

That’s funny shake it, shake it


this was really good and really simple to make! i would recomend this video
to anyone who didnt have an espresso machine. I used an expresso coffee,
although i personally would have used more coffe/ less milk. I just need
more experience with making it, but it was a great tutorial!!!! thanks for
makeing it!!!!

bute123 says:

are you his mother?

Deborah Aka says:

i thought this was how to make real art at home without machine … i watch
this f****** video 4 no reason !!!!! but u r funny…

bute123 says:

well.the theory was sound

dragnorock2 says:

You are one funny guy Great method too by the way!

Roberto Orejel says:

I can dig it. This guy rolls like a G.

Nick Saglam says:

you should be in a manga!

Majed Alrashidi says:


Rusty Knight says:

This is how to make coffee. Period. This is not a latte. At best, it is a
mocha coffee. You can make the milk by freezing it for about 30 minutes,
then whipping it with an immersion blender; using a frother; or heating it
and then whipping it. There is no coffee in a latte. A real Latte is a
glass of hot milk. The latte we are familiar with is a gourmet coffee shop
drink with an Italian name. None, or almost none, of the coffee shop drinks
actually exist in their original countries.

aerialkate says:

It’s only the second latte you ever made? That doesn’t exactly inspire
confidence in this method! Clip was kind of fun to watch though.

Adam Tyman says:


Sorgutentarer says:

TERRIBLE, KILL YOURSELF! lol.. underachiever. Worst guide video I’ve seen
on Youtube 🙂

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