Season Premiere Exploding Coffee Maker

Season Premiere Exploding Coffee Maker

We are back and ready for another season of destroying objects. This season opening we have a fancy coffee maker to destroy. So we hope you enjoy the show, a…



TimeFlow says:

Love it! slug-odeath strikes again! Also really liked the opening scene.
The end with the kid made me laugh!

Kek5kopF says:

cool! keep on doing the show 😉

Aussie50 says:

wow man! that thing took a beating!, gotta love steel slugs when it comes
to finishing somthing off :D. I’m setting up my own little range for
similar things soon 😀 keep them coming guys!

predawndeath says:

haha very good guys! Thumbs way up.

RDFStudios says:

Thank you my friend, and hopefully we can keep it up.

RDFStudios says:

LOL yeah i laughed when i was editing so if i laughed i knew others would
enjoy it. It’s usually those random unplanned things that end up being the


Love it.

SlowMotionStudios0 says:

Love the new intro, and the cinematography at the start was awesome! 🙂

Daniel Martinez says:

Good to be back.

TradeMark says:


RDFStudios says:

Can’t wait to see your videos. There’s always plenty of room for more
desruction on youtube 🙂

alex993cc1 says:

its finished 🙂

Bill Gilmour says:

Excellent! Great idea to finish stuff off. What a tough coffee maker that

RDFStudios says:

Well i had to think of something that you didn’t already shove in a shotgun
shell lol…. 🙂 I think you need to do coffee beans next thoug.

Bill Gilmour says:

I could do that. I will be making up another compressor soon as a damaged
freezer is coming my way. Got it up to 750 psi the other day for a test.
There can be diminishing returns after a while with pressure increases.
Have to get test data and make some graphs.

CountryPursuitsTV says:

Hit the thumbs guys =)

RDFStudios says:

lol Thank you guys, that is my first passion, is film making and then
followed by destruction 🙂 Looking forward to your guys next videos as
well, there getting better all the time.

RDFStudios says:

Thanks predawn glad you liked. Especially since you shoot some awesome guns
that can mow down an object into confetti 😉

Nic Knoan says:

“That’s the best smelling destruction we’ve done this season” Considering
it’s the FIRST episode of the season, it’d be impossible to not be.

RDFStudios says:

Yeah we learned are lesson from season 2. When i got rid of the trash i
noticed how much more we could of destroyed the objects.

RDFStudios says:

Thanks TV, appreciate the comment.

RDFStudios says:

The problem is the location i’m at. I live in the middle of the town. We
don’t always have access to an open lot. We lost the use of the lot we had
from last season sadly. So until we can find a larger less populated area
to film episodes we are limited. We are trying though.


Great first episode! The beans did pretty well!!

RDFStudios says:

Glad to be back .

RDFStudios says:

LOL nice catch i didn’t even realise i said that. I meant to say best
smelling episode we have ever done.

RDFStudios says:

Also ive been meaning to comment on your videos, is there a way you can do
a tutorial on converting the fridge compressors. You are getting crazy PSI
on your cannon.

FuzzyDicePimp says:

Great start to this season! Slug of death lived up to its name, as usual.
Impressive construction on that coffee maker though; even the potato didn’t
do too much damage. Also, the “Whose kid is that?” made me laugh out loud

HDXFH says:

Tough coffee maker, it’s decaffinated!!

wyz2285 says:

I still think you should use more impressive launchers, considering you
lives in US… At the moment I’m working on a mini Flak 88 gun

junipat says:

Hahahahaha ! nice !

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