Rocket Espresso Machine Maintenance – Fixing a Squeaky Grouphead Lever

Rocket Espresso Machine Maintenance – Fixing a Squeaky Grouphead Lever

This video shows you how to fix a squeaky group head lever on the Rocket espresso machines. The video also applies to all most E61 group head machines.



Mike DeGraaf says:

David: Great video. I followed the video to the letter (or so I thought)
on my ECM Giotto, but when I reassembled, for some reason the handle does
not go to a vertical down position. Looking at the handle from the side,
it appears to be at a 7:00 or 7:30 position (on a clock dial). I’m not
sure what the issue is. Do you have any ideas?

Gérard Philippe Marsaly says:

Hello from Bordeaux (France)
Great video but zooming on cam position after greasing is fuzzy. I must
specify that down valve must be pressed and top valve must be output. Thank

bschena says:

Great video, thanks. I just cleaned and re-lubed my Rocket. However, upon
reassembly, the lever falls down a short distance when it is put in the
full up/brew position. Did I reassemble incorrectly? I see now that you say
that the lever should be installed in the preinfusion position…not sure
if I did that…any thoughts? Otherwise, she’s back working smoothly again.

Do you sell the gasket and cam parts? I thinking I should buy a spare set
for when it finally wears out.

Jonathan Shmukler says:

Hi. Thank you so much for the video. Have a Rocket Giotto and the lever
starting squeaking after ~6 months and became more difficult to operate.
Followed your guide and gave all the parts a good clean – they were pretty
grungy. Reassembled (without any silicon gel) and it works like new – lever
is smooth as silk. 

sayitfast says:

My machine was brand new and I had squeaks… thanks for the video!!!

Espressotec says:

In essence, it’s really a soaking phase before the brew pressure is applied.

John Brinkman says:

Thanks for the great guide! Really helps a lot to see someone else doing it
before attempting myself. I battled to get the bar with the cam back in
place until I removed the screw visible at 2:57, refitted the bar and then
rotated it 180Deg. Is that ok? It looks like a grub screw to stop the cam
from turning too much but just wanted to check,

rwmcjazz says:

Lame attitude. You’re too cool Dave

Espressotec says:

Sometimes the new machines will squeak since the machines are completely
dry, this should go away shortly after you start using the machine. If the
machine continues to squeak then some lubrication wouldn’t hurt.

Espressotec says:

Hey John Brinkman, we’ve never had to remove the screw. If it’s difficult
to re-insert the cam we loosen the bottom valve assembly. But if it’s
inserted and the screw fits back in place then it should work normally.
Thanks for the view and the comment.

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