Review: BUNN MCU My Cafe Single Cup Multi-Use Brewer (k-cups, pods, ground coffee)

Review: BUNN MCU My Cafe Single Cup Multi-Use Brewer (k-cups, pods, ground coffee)

WHERE to BUY: BUNN MCU My Cafe (brews Keurig K-Cups, Ground coffee, coffee & tea pods, tea bags, loose tea and dispens…



uutuber431 says:

its not a button. its a butt–ttton. 

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11:43 Hot chocolate made with water?

Flo ronto says:

excellent review

TheflyingL says:

Good video. Thanks.

Marie Fleming says:

Does the MCU ground coffee drawer snaps when you close it or does it close
when you put the drawer into the slot? For some apparent reason my MCU
ground drawer dosen’t snap closed only when I place into position!! Is this

Patriot Forlife says:

I am opening my own tiny coffee shop, what brands would you prefer? As far
as professional grade equipment for coffee, and espresso’s? Thank you.

Leslie Lewis says:

How hot does the water get 

Andrew Millar says:

The way he says “button.”

Igor Del Norte says:

Review: BUNN MCU My Cafe Single Cup Multi-Use Brewer (k-cups, pods, ground

hypnosiscenter nyc says:


5.0 out of 5 stars Love It! Finally Enjoying Coffee Again ! Bunn is #1 With
Me !, December 1, 2013

Love It ! Finally Enjoying Coffee Again! I’ve indulged in coffee over a
half a century now. There was a time in NYC (PreStarbucks), where you could
get a great cup of coffee anywhere. And then, History changed. The
Starbucks chain came in to NYC. Buying up the competition and putting them
out of business. And America became hypnotized into drinking what to me
tastes like burnt coffee passed through a homeless man’s socks (sorry ..
just my way of thinking). Yes, I was addicted to coffee.

I moved my hypnosis office up to midtown, NYC. It’s amazing. No matter how
much I spent, I couldn’t get a decent cup of coffee in the area. I was now
just throwing back a quick cup just to get the caffeine buzz in the
morning. No longer enjoying a cup of coffee. In the past, I had owned a 6-8
cup Bunn semi commercial unit (over 20 years old) but put the unit in
storage and never touched the unit in years (Bunn’s units … except for
some users on here, in my experience, have been indestructible).

I never liked the fad pod coffee brewers. To my taste buds, they brewed
weak and bland coffee … To me, it was a system to get you to pay as much
at home as a store bought coffee, just for the convenience. When I saw Bunn
had a coffee brewer that allowed me the convenience of using the pods, as
well as regular ground coffee, without buying extra paper filters, I went
for it. No buyers remorse here. I’ve never been happier.

Okay, never used the included tea brewer. Included are three different
coffee, tea cup trays. The unit has two settings: A strong ground which
slowly drips water for more flavor and one that passes through the grounds
very quickly. For a few months, I used only the strong ground setting. The
COFFEE came out STRONG! Sometimes too strong for even my liking. When I
started using the regular setting, coffee came out great. A taste I haven’t
enjoyed in many years.

I now interchangeably use the two holders. I use it for pre-filled pods,
but more the ground coffee pod. Yea, it’s a bit of a pain cleaning the
ground coffee holder (I do it over my toilet .. grounds go out to sea) ..
With the pod brewer, it’s simple: Pop up the top, and out with the old pod.

I have saved probably over a thousand bucks since owning this unit as I
rarely buy coffee from the chains anymore unless I can’t avoid it. There’s
no temptation as I know, the coffee is not going to compare in the
slightest to what I can brew at home.

Do I like the unit? An understatement. There are things I think Bunn can
improve upon, but I’ll live with them because the unit makes such great
coffee … such as, if you get some ground coffee around the edges of the
unit, must be some detection in the unit because it won’t brew until you
clean off the extra grounds. You have to make sure you fill it with one cup
of water before you brew, even though there is already water in the unit,
until you fill it, and sometimes it’s frustrating till you realize you made
this common error and your machine is not malfunctioning.

Cleanup as I said on the ground brewer, is a bit tedious compared to the
pod cup brewer …. But it’s all relevant to the delicious coffee you’ll
enjoy from this unit (granted, make sure you BUY quality coffee you like).

I would buy this again. I hope it lasts as long as my other Bunn Unit. I
gave my 20 year plus old 6-8 cup bunn aluminum and glass to my mom. My
sister disassembled it and cleaned it up from the lime and water gunk that
formed inside. For the first time when I visit my mom on the weekends, I
enjoy coffee with her in the morning (usually I’m jumping in her car for
the local Dunkin Donuts … not that Dunkin’s coffee is so great, but it
was better than her cheap plastic coffee makers made).

Bunn is the Commercial winner all these years. I grew up drinking Bunn
brewed coffee in restaurants. Hey, take the flavor home with you. Bunn will
give you the tools, you just have to experiment. They’ve sold me. If this
unit broke tomorrow, I’ve saved so much $$, I wouldn’t hesitate to run out
again and purchase this same unit. Thanks Bunn!

Igor Del Norte says:

Review: BUNN MCU My Cafe Single Cup Multi-Use Brewer (k-cups, pods, ground

Mary Menotti says:

This video really filled in the gaps that I couldn’t get from reading the
book. Good job, I so thank you for this.

morenofamilia says:

How does the Bunn do with iced beverage k-cups?

Ken Copen says:

I wish they put an on/off switch on there. I’d rather be able to turn it
off rather then unplug it every time or just leave it on. 

Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

:). Enjoy your cup,!

Scott Weaner says:

I am guessing that drip you are seeing is from when the water was added. I
will add that if anyone has an older machine called the MC Home, the new
trays can be purchased from Bunn for the added functionality.

PlanetFabulous says:

The way you pronounce “button” is so cute!

Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

We’ll do video Bunn vs Keurig VUE. Stay tuned. Enjoy your cup,

noobkillerpwnz says:

So I take it the Bunn brews a more flavorful and stronger K cup than the
Keurig K cup machines do since it has a pulse option? and would the Keurig
Vue brew a stronger and more flavorful cup than the Bunn or is it similar
due to the pulse option on the Bunn?

Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

Thanks. Enjoy your cup,

bigmikebigm says:

Around 7:45 is it leaking?

Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

Nope 🙂 Enjoy your cup,!

Stephanie Benton says:

I bought a display model, without any box or additional trays. I ordered
the trays from Bunn, and this has been an amazing machine to have! Thank
you for the instructional, I had not been bold enough to try all of them

rleelmt says:

Is it normal to hear a squeal even after the “initial setup”?

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