Possible fix for Keurig coffee maker?

Possible fix for Keurig coffee maker?

After many attempts and methods of making this stupid thing work, I finally found success from an unlikely approach…



leaveacommentinSTFU says:

So I just tried this and a bunch of water came pouring out & now it’s
making this wierd gurgling sound. Kind of scared to plug it back in. Did
water come out of yours when inverted?

badass125 says:

This worked so well!! Thanks a lot good sir.

colby morrissette says:

I did this and my coffe maker broke that’s just me I’m pissed off 

Chris says:

outstanding!!! Thanks for sharing. Inverting the machine worked like a
charm. Cool, should have thought of this on my own. I had some air
bubbles trapped in my line and the pump lost its prime although the machine
did not pick that issue up with its sensors, for some reason. Just gave my
Keurig a shake or two while inverted and ‘Wha-lah!”

Thanks for taking the time to suggest, compose and upload that tidbit.

Cory Shumate says:

Great video – for those that still have trouble after doing this, literally
just bump the TOP of the back of the Keurig (just above that rubber
nozzle), and that will help clear out the air as well. Such an easy fix! I
thought I was in for a project :)

bmwark says:

This worked incredibly well! Thanks so much for posting!

raceman888 says:

did this and all the other things none of them worked for me. sorry

Juice says:

Why does everyone feel the need to make a video of what they do during the

Pavlova50 says:

Why hasn’t this simple fix for Keurig coffee makers gone viral? You should
get a job as a technician for Keurig. My husband and I spent an hour on the
phone with a Keurig technician trying to fix our machine to no avail. The
technician suggested getting a new one, so we placed our order. We just
called to cancel our order because thanks to this incredible tip, our
machine works again! Genius!

Ellie Z says:

THANK YOU- We are back to brewing full cups o’joe

Barbara Schwartz says:

Worked like a charm! Thanks so much for saving my marriage!

Andrew Isaacs says:

Dude your a genius!! Almost took the thing apart but decided to try your
trick first. It worked!!

Sandra McClain says:

Did the trick! Thank you!

Joanna Robinson says:

you are the smartest man on the planet!!!!! lol NOT something I say very
often hahah! thank you for fixing my Keurig after everything else failed!

Frank Cairns says:

Amazing ! Worked perfectly. The other option was to remove the bottom
plate, and blow compressed air through the hose line. I’m sure that does
the same thing, in removing the air bubbles, but this is a much quicker and
easier fix. Thanks for posting this video.

cinnamonrich says:

Thank you! This absolutely worked! My Keurig lives and my husband can
return the new one he bought me for Christmas. You just bought me a new
pair of earrings! 🙂 Again, thank you.

Doremande M says:

Thank you so much! That was all it needed! You’re the best 🙂

Kristie Cunningham says:

so glad i found this. tried the descaling with no luck. so thought what the
heck i’ll give it a try and i’m back to full cups of coffee. thank you so
much. can’t believe it was some thing so simple.

momentsnothingmore says:

WOW. I bet Keurig doesn’t want this fix to get out… incredible!

jfolck1886 says:

@rluck9974 I made this to try to help people who had the same problem with
their Keurig as I did.

MLG Gamer says:

Awesome tip man it helped alot. Before it was just dripping but when i did
what you said it was streaming like it use to when i bought it. Great vid 🙂

Chelle Lumpkin says:

I’ll be trying this tonight, hopefully it will work. I’ve cleaned out the
needles hopefully this will work on my k10

jfolck1886 says:

@serice119 No problem! I’m glad I was able to help!

Yo Momma says:

Thank you so much for this simple solution! My room mate and i couldn’t
believe it worked! You saved us from a bunch of girl fights in the morning!

tcorris says:

You burped it.

SillyScrappyHappy says:

This worked for me!! 🙂 Thanks so much.

jfolck1886 says:

Haha, awesome 😀

John Kingsepp says:

Amazing! This actually worked for me. It is now flowing as fully as it was
when it was new. Thanks for posting this idea.

Steve W says:

Thank you sir! i recently brought my Keurig out of retirement and after
using air to clean the tubes it still didnt work. So i turned it upside
down and gave it a few bumps and it worked!

1mellow81 says:

Wow that done it thanx.

John Sterlin says:

Keurig water pumping back into the tank… burp it! This totally worked or
me. Important note… let your keurig cool first… scalding water exiting
the brewing chamber washed over the back of my hand (ouch). Small price to
pay to have a working keurig again! Thanks for posting!

Tammy Bachman says:

Yay!!! Thanks so much. We had tried everything. When I told my husband
about how this tip worked he said it sounds like burping a baby. Coffee for
him and hot chocolate for the kids again! 🙂

jfolck1886 says:

That’s awesome! No problem at all! Glad you got some earrings out of the
deal 😀

serice119 says:

Thanks for posting this – my wife was about ready to throw out our
hand-me-down keurig, we tried this and it works like a champ!

sukimama2 says:

Thanks for directing me to this. I’m glad/surprised that worked for you,
and I wish I hadn’t taken mine out to a field and beaten it with a bat like
in Office Space.

James Neumann says:

Thanks! Such an easy fix

jfolck1886 says:

No problem! Thank you! 🙂

Hudson Endicott says:

When I push my cup button nothing happened. You fixed it.

Zovexx says:

Thank you. It saved me $149 by not having to go out and purchase another
Keurig brewer.

Kevin Kellerman says:

You are the smartest man on your street at least. I have been hitting the
top of my Keurig with my fist for 6 months to get my coffee maker working.
If there was a Nobel prize for coffee makers, you sir would be this years

Jerry Stinger says:

SWEET! Tried the paper clips, no luck. Tried your BURP and it worked, the
air bubble concept seems to be true. It is now working. Thank you

TwoHundredandThirty says:

Youtube saves me money again. I was just about to buy a new machine. Thanks

txkrismouse says:

Great suggestion. This fixed my machine that was not brewing a full cup but
I have another machine that just does not pump. I am guessing it is a pump
problem and nothing else. If anyone has any solutions to this problem,
please advise.

Liz80able says:

Thank alots!! i was upset this morning that my keurig wasnt working and i
was about to find someone to fix it! than i just look to your video n my
husband tried n nothing he was like it wont work n i give it the last try n
i did!!!!! im so glad you posted this you saved us some $!!

momonjava says:

Yay! So glad I found your video. Fixed my problem. Thanks so much!

Bob Gilbert says:

Just tried this but didn’t expect it to work. Amazingly it did! Thanks very
much!!! Works like new once again.

Patt and Duke Mosley says:

It worked. I was ready to throw it out or tear it apart to try and fix it.
Thank you!

Jeanene W says:

Worked thank you!

Kimbo Kreations says:

Thank you so much you just saved me 160 bucks! I thought I was going to
have to buy a new Keurig, Kim

jfolck1886 says:

LOL I guess that’s a good way of looking at it! 🙂

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