P&F Espresso by Izzo lever

P&F Espresso by Izzo lever

ทดสอบกาแฟ P&F Esresso ด้วยเครื่องคันโยกรุ่น Pompei ของ Izzo จากเมืองเนเปิลอิตาลี เป็…



IZZO caffee says:
Sophia De Rosa says:

La migliore macchina al mondo

pnf coffee says:

you will see the last scene, it doesn’t look nice if we didn’t use spoon
to cut off the shot.

Vladimír Dolinec says:

and why the difference in tamp, the first two just a very light one and the
third one looked quite hard

ecke70 says:

@dennisawalsh I belive it is due to the spring lever. You can’t just stop
the shot but it will keep going until the lever is at the top. The shot
might be done before that, so he uses the spoon to avoid getting coffee on
the side or rather outside of the cup.

Dennis Walsh says:

Beautiful machine but what’s the idea of the teaspoon after each shot?

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