Our review of the iCoffee Opus single serve coffee maker.

Our review of the iCoffee Opus single serve coffee maker.

Comparing the iCoffee Opus single serve coffee maker with the Keurig B60 Special Edition. The iCoffee brewer uses a unique “spin-brew” technology to produce …



Justin Bosky says:

I’d be curious to see if you had tried the same K-Cup brand in both
machines with the same serving sizes. With the reusable cups, I find that
they can taste different from brew to brew if it’s packed too loose or too
tight. With an 8 oz serving and a 7.5 oz serving even if they are packed
for maximum performance, I would expect a different taste. The fact that
you can use .5 oz increments is certainly intriguing, and it could very
could make better coffee, but without the same variables on each machine, I
don’t think that it’s a 100% accurate comparison.

youfermont says:

looking to buying the icoffee but wonder how the spinning mechanism will
hold up with time, I am scared the some seal around the spinning head will
start leaking

1timby says:

Good vid. I use a single serve Areo-Press. I get a very similar results as
a French Press. I roast my own coffee beans as well. 

fabulousprofound says:

thank you for this review. i am looking to buy one as an xmas gift so i
would like to buy the right one the first time

summerluck01 says:

I’ve had the iCoffee for about 5 months now. NEVER GO BACK to what you had
before. iCoffee BRew technology is AMAZING and NO ACIDITY / Heartburn!
The taste is FULL BODY. Coffee lovers – This is an Amazing machine!! Enjoy

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