My Gevalia Coffee Maker

My Gevalia Coffee Maker
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This is my Gevalia Coffee “Kaffe” Maker straight out of the box. As you can see, it dispenses smoke and lots of noise instead of delicious espresso. Obviousl…


Greenlantern30 says:

Did you read the directions or did you just fill the reservoir with water,
turn it on and press start? If you don’t prime the pump as the directions
indicate, it will have no water in the machine to heat. That looks like
what happened.

xxGjbbyxx says:

@Greenlantern30 Make sure the pod is seated properly inside the Pod Maker.
lol Hopefully you are using the right kind of pod. All Pod machines that
I’ve seen, steam. Prime, if your pod machine is new or has been drained.
The instructions tells you to NOT to use hot water. I primed until mine
gave a good stream of water and then until the water became clear (New Pod
Machine). Yes! During the beginning of the initial priming process (before
the steady stream) there appeared alot of steam.

xxGjbbyxx says:

@Greenlantern30 yea lol! Sometimes people don’t read. They just figure
their smart enough to figure it out without first reading the instructions.
I for one am one of them, but if I notice something not right I will follow
up with the instructions, before declaring that its a faulty product. My
Gevalia Pod Maker scared me a tiny bit initially in the beginning, but I
figured I must have been doing something wrong, so I checked with the
instructions. And I brewed a very nice cup of coffee.

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