Making the Rancilio Silvia espresso machine silent

Making the Rancilio Silvia espresso machine silent

The Rancilio Silvia is a great espresso machine but… she is really noisy. The water pump makes a hard loud noise which made it impossible for me to use the…



Guy Fisher says:

seems futile to me since the grinder is so much louder

Dave Schinkel says:

jhamm15 says:

Found some cheap self adhesive foam insulation on this site:
It is part number 09-00443, comes in different thickness, I just ordered

carlcat says:

Thanks for the vid, very cool and very quiet. I will do the same with mine
after I figure out which PID to get, the preinfushion or just the straight
boiler temp control.

Robert Ericson says:

Thanks! No brand visible. Bought the soundproofers at a car gadjet shop. I
think its used to reduce sound in cars.

angrywarvet says:

You did an excellent job quieting her down, beautiful workmanship. Where
did you get the insulation?

heliotirana says:

Are you a vampire? why you drink coffee late at night? nice work btw

PavalonTech says:


1006ize says:

Awesome! Great idea!

eyalglobal says:

Where do I get those foam panels in the US?

Garmez120 says:

I’m not really sure why you think I do?

gwangju1 says:

I was agreeing with your reasoning to quite the machine, until I realized
the grinder is much louder, so what’s the point?

Garmez120 says:

Seriously, just shut the door! All that fart-arseing around just to make it
quieter? What’s the f**king point? You have way too much time on your
hands… ditto the rest of the lunatics here that are impressed by it!

DK Tech says:

Great job! Almost like a rotary pump.

dustroyalty says:

good job. now let’s make the grinder shut up!

cackalufabogus says:

That’s accoustic foam, if you unscrew the pump and put a layer of sound
deadener between it and the chassis, you’ll get an even quieter Silvia.

Robert Ericson says:

Seriously, why do you care?

Robert Bedichek says:

We have an espresso machine that wakes the whole house. Closing doors isn’t
nearly enough. The noise is also highly annoying to some people even if
they aren’t trying to sleep. I really appreciate you posting this. I am
baffled by the negative comments. I appreciate the comment from Chan about
another way to solve this, using a rotary pump. Thanks.

Robert Ericson says:

Looks like you care enough to post negative comments… On top of that,
calling people lunitics! You do are a plesent guy arent you!

Don Shawler says:

Great idea and video. Where can I find the soundproofing material you used?
What is the brand name?

Kennie Chan says:

just replace with a rotary pump XD

Garmez120 says:

Hey yeah! And if you put it in an unused fridge with a hole drilled to run
the power lead through, prepare your shot, flick the switch and quickly
shut the door, its even quieter still!!

Torkel Bylund says:

Tack för de tydliga instruktionerna! Väsnas inte din kvarn också? Vore ju
toppen om den också gick att dämpa på vettigt vis. 🙂

My80sUnderground says:

Very cool mod! I think I might give this a go but will take decibel
readings before and after from the front and with the machine fully
assembled to get more quantifiable results. Thanks for sharing!

Torkel Bylund says:

Jag inleder ljuddämpningsprojektet för både Silvia och Rocky om ett par
veckor! Länkar till slutresultatet sen! 🙂

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