Making Coffee With The Aeropress

Making Coffee With The Aeropress I’m really just a coffee enthusiast… but the Aerobie Aeropress makes excellent coffee at home or in the office. I’ve been making a cup a day at the office for about…



spaceman51974 says:

become an Invert. Go inverted. Grind your beans fresh. Roast your own
beans…..all else is Aeroblasphemie.

reem von braun says:

Why is it so good ? compared to what ? does anyone know that the Turks
and Yemeni´s call it black coffee or (with kardemon and ginger) kaffee
laban …..grind coffee and put in mug and add hot water and leave the
coffee in….perfect !…..thought the thing would be at least made of
glass (but with thermoplasts ???) whtvr, if this makes u happy go gadget
go !…but there is a lot faster way to make just as good a coffee ….and
no matter what you do the best coffee (in my taste) is fresh roasted Green
fine grinded by hand or whatever and then “Turkish style”

ChicagoJohn says:

Your review made me happy because you hit all the reasons I bought one of
these and will be receiving it tomorrow; viz., control of all the factor
levels in experimenting with different roasts. As you said, not that
French press is bad, but it’s different. I’m a retired chemist, and I
fully appreciate the differences the two techniques afford in experimental

My question to you is about surface area / particle size distribution of
the grounds. It needs to be coarse for the French press for obvious
reasons: But how fine can it be for this Aeropress plunger technique? I
realize we are talking an ultrafine paper filter (and the issue of
“absorption of oils on the paper” is BS, by the way), but should I use my
burr mill on its finest setting, or can I take my simple Krups blade mill
and crank that up to the max time? I’d prefer the latter, especially for

Anyway, great approach, well thought out and well presented in your video.

lisa ramos says:

Most of the coffee already went through the filter before you used the air

Cecile Gassler says:

This is the method I like to use to make my coffee. Love the simplicity

David Hughes says:

Just got one today, with plenty of great coffee to try with it! Can’t
wait…well I can wait but y’know…

Lore Chief says:

Between 2:44 and 2:46, that slight glimpse on your face that says “WTF did
I just drink?” is making me crack the hell up.

Freddie Slaughter says:

Have you tried a s.s. filter?

porkyo123 says:

It’s plastic? No thanks!

Bill Rycraft says:

Pre wet the filter and you will not get the water to pass thru before it
has a chance to brew.. Watch as he poured in the water and water
immediately started passing thru….

Jaime Gonzalez says:

Probably pretty darn good but would not call it quick or simple. 30
seconds, it took this video about 2 minutes. Filter, coffee, stir stick
thing, press the plunger, then clean up after the amazing coffee. Not
simple at all really but probably worth it.

Freddie Slaughter says:

192 degrees?

Jean Simon Gauthier Lavoie says:

This guy has an Encore Burr Grinder.

Kevin Weaver says:

Bunk. Use a filter and it takes the coffee oils out of the finished
product. I’ll stick with my French Press.

Larry Bundy Jr says:

I got one the other week, I just like it for the fact it’s really fun to

But you should try the inverted method as well, it’s 100% immersion of all
the water that way.

Stephen Davis says:

Is the espresso it makes legitimate espresso? I want to make cappuccinos at

Paul Mainwaring says:

I would use the inversion method. No need to press the plunger all the way
down. Wait until you hear the air hiss out and stop and in that way the
plunger does not press the coffee. Also you do not need fine grounds for
the Aeropress and a longer immersion time would benefit the flavour. Saying
all that – this is the greatest coffee maker there is. PS the temp of the
water should be about 170 degrees F. 

Paul Carlson says:

Great video, just started aeropressing and love it. Thanks for the tips!

Henry Wilson says:

For the perfect AeroPress formula – check this out – it compares so many
different ratios from baristas all over the world!

opmike343 says:

If you’re having opposite results of what everyone else is doing, suffice
to say that you MAY be doing something wrong.

art4234 says:

A very nice, professionally done video review. I have never written a
review earlier but felt compelled to write about yours. Very high quality,
good lighting, perfect angle, good audio. Nice job. BTW, I am not sure
about your technique though. I had also check Mr. Gwilym Davies’s video and
think he has a better, gentler technique. Well, I have to experience it
myself so I will buy and try.

InsomStudios says:

Stumptown shoutout!

psychofmse says:

You missed one vital step. You need to wet the filter before you use it.

leefuji says:

I got one about a week ago! great stuff. What kinda beans are you using?
I’m experiencing with different roasts.

Robert Bobrow says:

Is that an electric water kettle? If so, what brand is it?

Chase Reeves says:

Thanks 🙂

Ole Marius Løset says:

Alright so I got the AeroPress (love it), but where did you get that
serving tray?I like it’s sleek design 🙂

Stefan Sigfinnsson says:

I find in filter coffee that Chemex is the very best. The taste of
Aeropress is too clean and dull. It’s great to take camping but not much

grumblekin says:

The plastic is pthalate and BPA-free material, according to their website.
Paper filters will remove the substance that spikes blood pressure. French
presses don’t get rid of that chemical and you get lots of grit.

Chase Reeves says:

I really love my chemex (in fact, using that everyday right now). But I
switch off between aeropress and chemex all the time. Fun to mix it up. And
certainly don’t do much traveling with my chemex 🙂 Aeropress is excellent
for that.

Chase Reeves says:

@jackybaby72 Thanks! Here’s what I’m using: canon 7d, sigma 30mm lens with
an aperture of about 2.2, the lighting is just the hanging lights you see
there top-left plus some natural lighting coming through windows. With a
good camera, a lens with a 1.8-2.4 aperture, and 24 frames per second feel,
it’s pretty easy to get a good vibe on camera. Good luck!

Chase Reeves says:

Wish I remembered… my bad.

A Ruga says:

I adore my areopress. The coffee is consistently fantastic, it’s fast, and
there’s no clean up. I have to get up at 5:45am and out the door by 6:20 to
catch the bus, so having the ability to quickly make a serving or two of
coffee to wake me up while I am getting ready is absolutely critical. I
loved my french press, but this is just far better, I feel.

Sveinn Garðarsson says:

I still prefer the french press, being a student I can extract a good cup
of coffee from a relatively cheap pack of grounds. also I really don’t mind
making my coffee sit for 4 minutes.

MiloBoy says:

try this:

Chase Reeves says:

I actually currently do. Been meaning to update this video. My current
method is: Invert the aeropress. put in 15g of coffee, medium grind. pour
in 200g of water at 205 degrees and start timer. stir immediately and place
top on aeropress. At 45 seconds flip aeropress over and press into cup.
Makes a sweet and juicy cup.

Chase Reeves says:

#1: I try to care less about rigid right & wrong answers about plastic and
paper and more about the cup, the flavor and the experience. #2: Paper
filters are effective at highlighting certain flavors by constricting some
of the oils and sediment left in the cup. #3: Able’s metal Disc filter for
the aeropress allows more oils and highlights other flavor notes in a
coffee. #4: Aeropress is another great tool we have to make great coffee
and no city can suck someone’s balls, right? 🙂

Becky Low says:

Thanks Tom for showing me this!

raysofgreys says:

Is there a glass alternative out there? I hate the idea of using hot water
and plastic, and wouldn’t mind paying more for a healthier version of this
coffee maker. Thanks!

Jason K MSA says:

you’re dumb

ersfafwefwqewqefqwef says:

@TheTarik00 Nearly all black tea, the most common type of tea in Britain,
absolutely requires completely boiling water to extract all of the flavor.
The tannin only come when the black tea is steeped for over around five
minutes, of the tea is squeezed. Green tea requires about a 150 – 175 deg C
water, depending on the quality of the tea. White tea require a long steep
time at about 140 – 150 deg C. Black tea does require boiling water. Know
your stuff before you attempt to criticize someone.

Chase Reeves says:

@jackybaby72 Also, you may like the videos I’m doing at @fatherapprentice,
a more subdued lighting.

valamaas says:

Hard to find a good aeropress video to show friends. Thanks

Chase Reeves says:

Nice! thanks, man.

RodCornholio says:

Bang for buck, the aeropress is hard to beat. It’s the only way I make
coffee at home.

RagingMammoth Ayy says:

I really appreciate the reply. Thanks.

thehotsixer says:

I have tried all kinds of coffee, but my favorite is still diner coffee.
For some reason coffee at a diner taste better than coffee I get from
anywhere else, even at home.

J. Kang says:

That is one big kitchen

eatingperson says:

2:43 Every sinkin’ time. That’s a new one!

T Arm says:

I especially like your term “Aeropresso” for the coffee concentrate, which
distinguishes it nicely from conventional espresso, and eliminates all

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