Making a Latte on the Starbucks Verismo Espresso Machine

Making a Latte on the Starbucks Verismo Espresso Machine

A video showing how to brew a Caffe Latte on the new Starbucks Verismo machine. It makes a very good latte but I find that I need to brew the espresso pod tw…



AMG4991 says:

Macchiato not a latte. Shots go on bottom for latte…just saying.

Mousus929 says:

I was hoping you say something and I am really glad you did….

Mahesh Bandara Wijerathna says:

that’s a one Very poor latte

Tonya Renee says:

Thanks for sharing. I was trying to decide on one of these and this helped
me make my final decision. Just way to expensive.

ayli09 says:

WOW that is SH*T LMAO It’s poor quality, noisy as f*ck and makes sh*t

CSIsouthdallas says:

Very loud

peteagassi says:

How does it heat the milk so fast?

HallelujahMountains says:

good morning family, here’s your cup of espresso…don’t need an alarm
clock with that machine

DC1888 says:

Is the lattes it produces sweet or normal?

RK EM says:

I’m curious as to whether the coffee in the pod is actually ground coffee
or instant. I suspect instant otherwise the infusion time would be too
short and a plastic cup wouldn’t work with vapor and high pressure. But
either way, although I can see the convenience, likely instant coffee +
reconstituted powdered milk seems like a far cry from an actual latte.

breakdancer011 says:

Double Shot of Espresso with one pod?

Anna CJ says:

Thank you very much! I just added some cinnamon on top and it was
delicious. Try it with cinnamon or nutmeg 🙂

PlanetFabulous says:

Yes I agree…it’s way overpriced but so is everything else at Starbucks!
The Verismo pods cost $12.99 for a box of 12…over $1.00 per pod. That is
way too much. It should be closer to $.50 or $.60 per pod…similar to
Nespresso prices.

JohnCenaWWESeahawks says:

LOL at the end DELICIOUS

Lem Tay says:

It is merely mixing hot water under pressure with dry milk powder, so you
could call it “reconstituted milk” of sorts. Very, very convenient of
course, and a long shelf life. In the previous office where I worked, this
was very popular amongst our staff, who saved heaps of money through DIY

Lem Tay says:

Ai-yai-yai, it costs USD$199 for the Verismo in the US?? It’s just
AUD$79.00 in Aldi stores… talk about a boutique vs supermarket price!

smrtaxe says:

worst video ever

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