Making 4 Gourmet Beverages with Tassimo Coffee Maker for whole family

Making 4 Gourmet Beverages with Tassimo Coffee Maker for whole family

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John C says:

I still have some starbucks disks right now never used them´╗┐

Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

Great. Enjoy your cup,

Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

@awin123 Absolutely not. That is the beauty of single-serve brewers.

awin123 says:

I know I’m a bit late, but I was looking at getting one of these and I was
curious if it leaves any coffee aftertaste in tea and other drinks if you
brew them after a coffee?

cool8man says:

@landonetfrancaise The waste from disposable cups at coffee shops is far
worse than the waste from these tiny t-discs.

Charlie Bronson says:

I’ve got one of these as a Xmas gift and its superb and leaves no mess to
clean up and machine itself requires the minimal of cleaning

Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

@landonetfrancaise Agree they create a lot of waste but it’s all about
convenience. I think Tassimo should have reusable filter option. You can
consider Keurig where you can use reusable filter and don’t use plastic at

cool8man says:

@awin123 The brewing takes place completely inside of the little disposable
disc and not at all inside of the machine. There would be nothing to retain
the flavor of the previous drink since the filter is disposed of with the

drboogersnot says:

Big silver “buddon”?

Landon Gilmour says:

In an age when a pressing concern is overconsumption and our planet’s
inability to deal with all of the waste we are creating (eg pacific garbage
patch) why on earth is this machine even legal? The amount of plastic used
to manufacture those T-disks is astronomical, and every single one of those
disks that you use for your cup of coffee will spend literally thousands of
years leeching toxins into the ecosystem; how on earth can you justify
using such an environmentally destructive product?

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