Make money Scrapping a BUNN Coffee maker

Make money Scrapping a BUNN Coffee maker

I can’t believe that over a year later I don’t have a video on a coffee pot yet….Well I do now! Here is a mid grade coffee pot and the goodies found inside…



Valerie Koch says:

I have a Bunn like this one and Sadly the one you tore apart looks nicer
then the one I have, well mine just quit on me and I guess I was wondering
if there is a way to check the fuses to see if thats why it quit just no
power going to everything and its not the outlet… I don;t really want to
junk it and i cant afford a new one

Buddy Norville says:

What do you do with heating elements? Copper tube but steel down the

Michaela Geis says:

Keep up the good work . Please dwell on what type of metal each individual
peace is .
I’m just starting out ; I’m disabled and need to make a little extra cash .
Thanks again 

Rick Edwards says:

the tank is stainless

Buddy Norville says:

Thanks for your response.

Brian Minnesota says:

Thank you for the reply. I think the test option sounds best. That way I no
waht I have for sure. I found an old dryer switch of some type that is a
round plastic thing kinda looks like a wind up music box insides and it has
about 25 little fingers that all have a little tab of something that is
absolutely some sort of electrical switch. I can see where a short happend.
But thank you for your vids.

HoundDog says:

I’m kind of scared to drink coffee out of a BUNN now…

Melbourne Scrapper says:

Crikey that is a decent piece of scrap there with the chunk of aluminium
and stainless steel. If it was a coffee machine for the Aussie market it’d
be made of steel, aluminium wire and barbed wire.

MNdigger says:

Nice camera! There’s a little bit of everything in coffee makers, well
worth tearing down. During curb side cleanup last year I think I got about
30. I have about 5 left. I think I am gonna finish them today. 

OriginalFeets says:

High def… wow grey beard LOL

NedLandry4 says:

Great Video! Love the new camera & lighting. 

Moose Scrapper says:
Baal Asar says:


Brian Minnesota says:

can use please talk more about silver contacts? I have about 1000 switches
and I would like to know how to pop them off without destroying them…
also I am finding metal that is NON magnetic that had been used as a
connector but the pieces are quit big.. one of them came from a cordless
drill. and one of its batteries.. Im guessing I have no silver but
stainless steel of shiny aluminum..thank you for any reply and thank you
for the great vids.

Rick Mueller says:

You should add to the key words “How a bunn coffee maker works”.
Surprisingly there aren’t many videos you can find on that. I was curious
if there was some kind of siphon principle going on. Surprisingly it seems
to be much simpler than that. The cold water is directed toward the bottom
of the reservoir and that pushes the hot water out the top. It looks like
they make the hole small enough so that turbulence doesn’t mix them
together. Simple ideas like that are awesome. 

sean sendlein says:

Love the new camera. What is the heating element made of and how do you
scrap that?

Baal Asar says:


Chip McColman says:

More on where to find sliver plz.

Beta Doctor says:

nice new camera :)

Lauren Prueter says:

Camera upgrade was an excellent move.

chevy6299 says:

wow a Bunn that is half plastic. Well at least it’s not all plastic like
many others.
That build up could have been prevented with a bi-annual vinegar cleaning
plus it would make the coffee taste so much better.

Dumpster Marcus says:

Good video.. Thats where the water was stored.. ewwwwww there was a lot
of gross stuff in there

strakill says:

Loving the vids man, keep up the good work.


what r heating elements made off i got a few out of stoves

Sam Strobel says:

Good video quality!

patrick258181 says:

3:09 Well you see there’s your problem right there.

humphryesd says:

Hard water is good for the soul. As a fellow treasure hunter I enjoy your

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