Lever espresso machine with propane and Flo-Jet:

Lever espresso machine with propane and Flo-Jet:

His name is Lewis. He lives on my balcony patio outside my bedroom. Propane power is much more thermally stable than electricity. The gauge just sits there o…



Chad Christensen says:


This is a good kit to retrofit to your machine. It has almost all the same
components that my set-up has. The kit attaches the propane pressurestat to
the bottom of the sight glass. If you’re looking to build a propane only
machine, the electrical pressurestat can be removed and the propane
pressurestat can be put in its place.

I’ve seen a 1964 Boema online, and it’s internals are very cool looking!
You’re welcome to email me anytime at thechadzone@hotmail.com. 

David Griffiths says:

Hi Chad,
I saw your comments on another project on home Barista and was inspired by
the variable flame you employ.I have now just finished watching your video
a couple of times ( Fantastic ) . I have a 1964 Boema 2 group lever
machine that I am rebuilding at the moment and i am making steps to convert
it to run on Liquid Propane Gas. Your video has inspired me to rethink my
whole design Though . I am thinking that I could put a T junction in the
presurestat ( that controls the electric element ) line and plum in a
variable presurstat to control my gas . Anyway I would really like to
talk|email you to get a better understanding of how you achieved your
design and where you found your parts . so i might build something similar
if you are OK with that ..do you do Skype ? or how is the best way for you
to communicate 

Alan Wolf says:

Taking it to an art form Chad! The world loves a dedicated purist!

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