Keurig K45 Elite Review

Keurig K45 Elite Review

This is a review and demonstration of the Keurig K45 Elite coffee maker.



ReviewsTechNow says:

+Piggle Bread yes, it gets the water very hot. In a mug, it is steaming
hot. And in a insulated mug with a lid, sometimes I have to let it sit for
a few mins to let it cool down to drink.

Aaron Johnson says:

Nice review, I’m looking to get one of these next week. Thanks man. 

Timothy King says:

Nice review! I’m picking one up for my Mom for Christmas. Where can I get
the little red cup so she can brew her own coffee?

Gem S says:

Does the elite 45 model get the coffee pretty hot??

ghada azt says:

from where you bought it?

Barbara Walker says:
sweetnightingale2907 says:

I totally love my Keurig! 🙂 I’ve seen this model advertised in different
flyers and such, and it looks really nice. I have a model that uses the
newer Vue cups instead of the K Cups. I love those, but sadly, the flavor
selection isn’t as vast. With it being newer, they are constantly adding to
them. Whether it’s K Cups or Vue Cups Keurig is awesome and I can’t live
without mine. :)

ReviewsTechNow says:

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