Keurig Elite B40 Review plus FAQ

Keurig Elite B40 Review plus FAQ

WHERE TO BUY: Exclusive Keurig B40 review plus FAQ by The Keurig B40 Elite single serve coffee …



tyler snow says:

OK this one is just like the one i have but its called a k40, at least mine

but its pouring WAY TO HOT, its like burning the coffee.. how do i fix this

Shaden AL-Ayed says:

Can i use milk imstead of the water

Bam Bebop says:

My mom is getting one! she is SOOO exited!!

Ricky Redmond says:

I just got this for my mom she is gonna be so happy.. the look on her face
is gonna be priceless

Sami Quisquinay says:

which is the tallest mug size which would fit in here?

Allan Lee says:

“The world of single serve coffee”

ramtuff2007 says:

i love my keurig coffee maker it’s awesome number 1# coffee maker

Jimmy Page says:

48 seconds to brew the 10 oz cup– very fast! I plan on getting one of

Michael Wong says:

I love your channel and I have one suggestion. Try to add a little more
creativity and variety in your videos where you can explain (and
demonstrate) more great things you can do with the machines you have —
such as those you’ve mentioned; oatmeal, cup noodles, etc. keep the videos

Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

@imppyify Thank you. Will do more fun soon, promise :).

amy w says:

how do u make ice coffee or ice tea work? since its hot?

Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

@michaelhpedersen You can made your own coffee with Ekobrew or Solofill cup
🙂 including Tim Horton’s :).

Michael Pedersen says:

@aromacup I was taking a look at those at work today but I already ordered
the Keurig Vue. They won me over with their info-mercial. But I am still
pretty excited for it to get here. Tim Hortons is one of those to me that
tastes best at a Tim Hortons. I don’t get out of VA much any more so I
don’t know when I’ll ever have it again. Best coffee there is, imo. I’m
looking forward to the new Keurig though, it looks pretty fun.

Nebzz says:

Unfortunately I bought this machine. I have to microwave my coffee after
brewing, especially if I want to add cream because the coffee comes out
warm, not hot.

Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

Yes here’s a lot of Dark Roast K-Cups. Enjoy your cup,

Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

Great. It’s actually Keurig Elite B48 (upgraded from B40). We just
published new review few days ago. Enjoy your cup,

latachia2 says:

My B40 has 3 buttons for coffee sizes. It’s a Elite B40. I just love it!

Michael DeLeon says:

BAD- Works great for a while, then gives you half a cup and then a quarter
cup. I have returned 2 of them.

amy w says:

lol thanks..i saw the video after i commented

Arshad Haroon says:

Hi,I just bought it yesterday but not yet the K cups. I love dark roast and
use the ground dark roast in my coffee press Bodum glass. my question is
can I get K cups in dark roast coffee to make one cup whenever I want it,
please let me know. Thanks.

Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

@michaelhpedersen Yeap. Looks sleek :). Don’t underestimate French Press
:). Best coffee ever :).

Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

Just brew over ice:). We have some videos as well. Enjoy your cup,

Tom Williams says:

keurig mini s run on 187 degrees

Michael Pedersen says:

Man do I wish Tim Horton’s made a K-Cup.

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