Keurig B70 Review

Keurig B70 Review

WHERE TO BUY: For those who seek out the very finest in coffee brewers, the Keurig B70 Platinum Single Cup Coffee Maker …



Twich B says:

Hi there! I just got mine from a thrift store and im wondering that every
time i try to brew coffe the water just splatter everywhere im just
wondering if theres something missing to it?thanks

David Fowler Jr says:

At 7:28 he says “that’s a great cup of coffee”……lmao, it’s not even a
full cup, who gets up in the mornings and makes a half cup of coffee 

arcanum70 says:

Is the K70 and B70 the same machine? Looks exactly the same.

Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

@Cheneric Here’s a lot of coffee makers on the market. You really have to
decide what you want and how do you want to brew your coffee :). I know
it’s very generic answer but it’s true. If you want convenience then Keurig
or Tassimo is great choice. Need total control then buy French Press :).

Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

@hellpath4 When you have a lot of ice you will have great iced tea. Trick
is to use 4oz water. If you use more you ice will be gone.

You2beFail says:

Helpful for someone who has little to no technological or mechanical savvy
and needs to learn how to use the product. But you should change the title
to “B 70 user tutorial” or something to that effect. The word “review”
needs to be reserved for videos with an objective critique of the product,
not a celebration how cool you think it is. The market is becoming
saturated with these machines you could really make a difference by
offering hyper-critical analyses and comparisons of these machines.

Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

1 year standard warranty. Life time with Cafe Express membership :). Enjoy
your cup,

Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

@hawkdaddy64 Sorry to hear about your problems. If you have problems please
contact customer service so they can help you. TIP: With cafe express you
will receive lifetime warranty on Keurig so you don’t have to worry about
it. Please see our channel for details.

TheLoveAndBeauty33 says:


joeyandfred101 says:

love it

DarkNaomi says:

Thanks for the great review! Me and my mom were thinking about getting the
B70, but wasn’t exactly sure. Now I want it. 😀

Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

Search for “Brew Over Ice K-Cup: How To Make Iced Tea and Coffee with
Keurig” 🙂

Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

Article from 2010: “Keurig wants to grow sales of its single-serve coffee
makers in the United States and Canada before it expands into Latin America
or Europe, a company executive said on Friday.” I guess they still not
there yet 🙁

Kyle Chambers says:

Terrible cameraman, ease up on the zoom

Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

Great. Enjoy your cup,

awacsone says:

I ordered one through eBay. I’ll purchase a converter to run in on 220
volts. The next problem where the cups. They don’t deliver them to europe.
I’ve taken an USA address through Bundlebox and have Keurig/eBay/Amazon
shipped the K-Cups to that address. So within a few weeks I’ll have my own
Keurig running in the Netherlands.

murilo ninj says:

Got mine today, made one cup and it was glorious.

Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

Thank you for feedback. Enjoy your cup,

Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

Great. Thanks. Cafe Express if free :). Enjoy your cup,

awacsone says:

I want one… but can’t buy them in Europe (The Netherlands). Who can help
me out?

joeyandfred101 says:

love it

Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

I’m sorry to hear about it. We don’t had same experience with Keurig. Did
you called Keurig directly? Enjoy your cup,

Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

Yes you can but impact will be minimal since temp range from 187-192F :).

Nick Luvisi says:

so where the Lamborghini?

1973TF says:

Great video, very helpful

usaonlinetrader says:

Looks great but too expensive on a per cup basis compared to other coffee
machines. Someone needs to design a custom machine like this but at a lower
cost per cup of coffee.

iKurtecy Strong says:

How’s the warranty of this machine?

Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

Thanks. Enjoy your cup,

Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

In the somebody garage :). I think they “Keurig” still working on it :).
Enjoy your cup,

Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

Thank you. I’m sure somebody working on it already :). Enjoy your cup,

Maxime De Launière says:

When u make ur Iced coffee, your brewing température was at 192 so did it
was hit with thé ice? Because i would like 2 make iced tea but really cold
not hot with ice inside! Thx and please repy!

Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

Wow :). You can use reusable filters as well :). Enjoy your cup,

joeyandfred101 says:


Cheneric says:

I see a lot of you guys drink coffee. I personally don’t, but I’m
interested in buying a coffee maker for my dad. He buys a venti from
starbucks every single day and I feel like he’s not getting quality coffee
and wasting money. Can anyone point me in the right direction here? I want
to save my dad money and give him some quality coffee.

Michael Pedersen says:

I think the Cuisinart is better. Even though I don’t own either one.

Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

Thanks :). Enjoy your cup,

pattonm says:

Where can I find the video about making ice? Sounds cool! Also…When
making Iced coffee doesn’t it come out REALLY HOT! If so…how long do I
have to wait for it to get chilly cold? At Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts its
hot right away?

Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

@muriloninja Great. Enjoy your cup :).

senorkaboom says:

We have had our B70 unit for over a year, and it is used almost every day,
but most heavily on the weekends. Has never failed and makes an awesome cup
of coffee. All of us in our house have been very happy with the unit.

dogdoy1 says:

4 thay are so easy to use i am 10 i aways make coffe for my grandma on her

Cheeser281 says:

@aromacup: can you still just lower the temperature for iced coffee?

strife01104 says:

My B70 arrived today from QVC. Used your tips for setup from your prior
video and it made things so much easier. One observation…sucker is HOT at
its default temp of 192 degrees…lol. How much is the Cafe Express

Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

@1973TF Thank you 🙂

Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

@bulll9111 The Platinum Plus also includes instant rinse and hot water
dispense capabilities :).

Ryan Madden says:

I have the b40 and have had nothing but problems and they don’t work on
them is what they told me and they didn’t care when I called.

hawkdaddy64 says:

Now do a search of all the problems people are having with this machine.
Yes, I do have one and OMG this thing has issues brewing, cup size
adjustment and has issues with backflow. I will put my FAIL video on how
this machine needs to stay on the store shelf and not on your countertop.

cgray757 says:

this is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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