Jura Espresso Machine Cleaning Cycle Demonstration (J5)

Jura Espresso Machine Cleaning Cycle Demonstration (J5)

This is a short overview on how to run a cleaning cycle on your Jura Super-Automatic Espresso Machine. The video features a J5 but shows how one would run a …



Neenif Hermz says:

i was wondering if any one can help me with starting the the cleaning
process without prompt?

Espressotec says:

If you’re going to run a cleaning cycle then I would use the tablet but to
break in a new machine you can always perform a few flushes and then a few

Connie Blades says:

Where can I find instructions on how to change the O rings and do other
common fixes for the Jura J5. in the brew group. I cant find any sources on
line. Thanks

Espressotec says:

I see your point and I’m glad you have been enjoying your J5. We personally
recommend that a monthly cleaning tablet be run as “cheap insurance” to
prevent coffee oils from clogging the unit. This preventative maintenance
reduces the number of units which come in for repair due to being clogged.
The cleaning tablets are especially important for users who prefer darker
roasts and extra strong coffee.

UrbanStreetSurfer says:

Run the cleaning once a month for a home user is excessive in my opinion.
The machines tell you when they need to be cleaned anyways and prompt the
user for a cleaning every 200 cups. I’ve had my Jura J5 for 2 years now and
have ran 6 cleaning tablets through it and its running just perfectly.
Please don’t mislead people into needlessly wasting money when they don’t.
Your suggestion is like telling an average car owner to change their oil
every 2 months

jrocthadino says:

Do you think it is ok to run the clean cycle without the tablet on a new
machine just to break it in?

Espressotec says:

@connieblades The Jura superautomatic machines have internal brew units.
The Jura machines are held together by security bits and should only be
serviced by a Jura approved service center. It’s recommended to get your
Jura machine serviced every 3000-5000 coffees. Thanks for the comment!

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