How to troubleshoot your Keurig coffee maker

How to troubleshoot your Keurig coffee maker

According to the troubleshooting directions in the Keurig manual, you’re the problem, not the coffee maker. Bullshit.



Todd Chapman says:

Thanks for waiting my time…

Slade Herb says:

not exactly a troubleshoot but i will try it

Carol Isaacs says:

Our Keurig has been descaled and I have cleaned the little screen and it
still is not brewing a full cup of coffee. The water runs freely when
there is no coffee in the pod. When we put grounds in the pod it barely
brews a half of cup.Any suggestions?

Alex Castle says:

I can’t believe this worked! I spent hours trying other techniques and
literally just had to bang on my Keurig and yell CAWFEE. Thanks Kuya!

Sarah C says:

Did not work for me. :(

tomekville says:

I had to hit like 7 times even blue lights around buttons finally show up!!
It works like new, thanks for this video :)

B Williams says:

Could this clip be more shaky?? Made me nauseous watching … but I’m going
to give it a “whirl” 

capi1lope says:

That’s great! I’m a dumpster diver with several keurigs that don’t work and
four that do. My dad fixed one by re-attaching a hose. But for now, I’ll
try your method. CAWFEE! BAM!

James Gerlach says:

You just extended the life of the second coffee maker I had to buy this
year! You rock!

363bigmike says:

LOL mine does this sometimes too. I just remove the water tank and make
sure its full and put it back on and it works.

Reuben Bergsten says:

You are the greatest Cyphaflip! we are on our 2nd machine and 1 hour away
from the nearest store to replace it. Buying pods in bulk was too
ambitious. Keurig should hire you to write their operations manual!!

ryanduprey10 says:

I Also concur…this method works. I was at wit’s end – looked up this
video…smacked my Keurig. Boom. Coffee. and yes…I did say Cawfee.

Eric Goulet says:

Bravo! Now, the question is… WHY does this work and WHAT is the issue
that is causing this problem? I found this video it used it to help my wife
fix that coffee machine from Iraq. Thanks.

Matt Bathgate says:

Mine worked for a lot longer than 3 days, but eventually started acting up
in this way. The love tap did end up sorting it out though. Just imagine a
white dude standing in his slippers saying “I want mah CAWFEE!” and
slapping his coffee machine. Not quite as cool as Kuya… but I get by. =)

RC62 . says:

hehehe… Thanks for the tip. My Kurig acts flaky like that too. Just tried
the trick and it worked! Gotta work on sayin’ “cawfee” though. lol

jackarute69 says:

haha, style backed by substance…well done, and thank you

Carly Thorpe says:

After reading thru the troubleshoot guide, arguing with hubby, looking at
online q&a … I stumbled accross this– worked like a charm!! Thank
you!(gonna go apologize to the hubby now)!

Lewis1460 says:

Wow ! It works

vijoker79 says:

honestly you need to keep up with the descale u nasty bastards, clean the
brewer every 2-3 months do you know what the inside of a fish tank look
like with water sitting over time

spazntard says:

all you had to do was reach up where needle is that goes into kcup and pull
the washer down 1/8 inch

Angie Peterson says:

Dang!! We just slapped our Keurig into submission!! Thanks for the tip.

boxocrap1 says:

Thanks again, we drink more wine than coffee so I think I’m going with
Keurig. Will let you know.

Damian Funk says:

(my mom)

Sara Colosimo says:

I tried cleaning the pump filter with a sonicare toothbrush, and cleaning
the holes with a paperclip…but the LOVE TAP finally worked. Thanks. You
saved me a trip back to Macy’s.

Erica Steele says:

This actually was helpful, thanks so much. Been fighting with it for my
CAWFEE for over an hour!

UpsetProps says:


June Milo says:

You are a genius! After 2-3 hours of plugging the machine in, turning it on
and off, etc etc. Staring at it, visualizing myself returning it or
throwing it out, I found your video. Went into the kitchen, gave my little
Kurig a love tap and would have high fived you 100 times if I could have!
It worked the first time! Thank you! June

Matt C says:

Zealers don’t use conviction they use fanaticism.

19geckos says:

The CAWFEE Love Tap works! Thanks bro! 🙂

Kuya Cyph says:

@adoptethiopia1 The love tap; ’tis a powerful thing. 😀

Scrappy222 says:

I slapped the shit out of mine. It worked after that. Thanks.

rankindragon says:

My Keurig was pulling water into the machine but not coming out the tap, I
cleaned the needles several times with still no coffee coming out, then I
just tapped it on the top like he said and by golly IT WORKED!! I then
decided to run vinegar through the machine to descale it just in case I
have any more problems. Awesome!! Thanks, Man!

tripleoptic says:

thanks… after trying everything else the tap comes through!

Colleen McGrew says:

After 3 days of watching Keurig troubleshooting videos, poking water holes
with paperclips, draining the tank, endless priming, a weekend long
de-scaling effort, our 2 year old office Keurig kept stalling during a brew
cycle. It would take 3-5 minutes for any water to come out. But using the
method in this video, the machine responded immediately. Now, each brew
will work after doing the “love tap”. Goodness. I thought this was a joke
video and now I wish I had watched it sooner. Thank you!!

John M. Kostrzewski says:

you my friend are a coffee genius. Now what do I do so I don’t wake the
dogs when I love tap my machine!

Jaygoodpatriot says:

Well, I received my brewer as a Christmas gift last year. 4 months later it
stopped working all together. Wouldn’t turn on, nothing. Call today at 2pm
Christmas Eve. 8 minutes of conversation and asking questions and a little
flirting with the sexy voice on the other end of the line, I have a new
machine shipping out via Fed-Ex on Monday. Free of charge. Did some
searching and found this to be normal for customer service. So go get
yourself a new brewer dude!

Kuya Cyph says:

@boxocrap1 It really depends. If you drink coffee occasionally/casually and
aren’t expecting to serve coffee to tons of visitors, then Keurig is nice
since it does only single cups. If you drink TONS of coffee or have lots of
guests that drink coffee, just buy a regular coffee maker, since it’s
better at making volumes of coffee.

PrissN Pink says:

Oops I feel JIPPED

Ryan Day says:

CAWFEE! BOOM! Thanks for the upload 😛

notownenvy says:

At first I thought this guy was a complete idiot, but before moving on to
the next video I figured I better give it a try or else I just wasted 2 min
of my life. Well, it worked like a charm…and I really do believe you must
say, “I want my Cawfee!”

Shokara2 says:

OMG it worked!! I spent like 45 mins with the people from keurig on the
phone and they told me to ship it to them. But thankfully I found this
video! It worked! I also followed the advice of another video here and
turned it upside down and shook it. Then the magic CAWFEE tap… and it
WORKED!!! after three weeks of blurry eyed mornings I can finally have my
coffee! thank you so much 😀

halmc says:

I suppose with all this Chinese shit in our houses these days, we’ll have
to get used to whacking the crap out of it to get it to work.

TheKFinance says:


Jmd1670 says:

You are a genius! LOL! Mine hasn’t worked for ages and this morning I just
didn’t feel like brewing a whole pot of coffee. After much frustration, I
found this……and voila, I have my cup of coffee. I got my CAWFEE!!

Newmombasa says:

Nice vid. Funny stuff!

Bob Catron says:

Love your attitude, and the magic words ! ! Piss on the vinegar treatments,
just whack the damned thing !

Joe DaSilva says:

Thanks for the help dude!!! Just watched this video at work bc I WANTED SUM
CAWFEEEEE!!!!! hahahahaha

Douglas Thompson says:

If this method doesn’t work for you then try blowing out the lines with a
can of compressed air used on computers. Unplug the machine and put it in
the sink (your apt to get a bunch of water out). Remove the reservoir and
then blow air through the white tube on the side of the machine the
reservoir goes. My machine started working like new again after this. Hope
it helps!

kmfrizell says:

Love this seriously fixed my problem. You da Bomb!!

CoverMyMouth says:

Wow. Saw this video first when I was trying to troubleshoot my Keurig. The
love tap works, people.

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