Genuine ATOMIC® Coffee Maker/Machine

Genuine ATOMIC® Coffee Maker/Machine
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Making a Cappuccino using the Genuine ATOMIC® COFFEE MAKER. The Genuine ATOMIC® COFFEE MAKER is sold by Bon Trading Co in Woollahra, Sydney, NSW, Australia. STOCKS ARE …


peter clifton says:

white with 3 sugars please , no chocolate thanks , I will just be sitting
at that table over there thank you “) 

atomiccoffeemakersau says:

Yes, we do have the Instruction Booklet… in fact it has been re-printed
many times. People love the original . We also have a new shipment of
ATOMIC®s in at the moment, just arrived from Italy. Regarding different
tastes of to-day…. you can make whatever style of coffee you prefer,
simply be using more coffee and less water or vice versa. The ATOMIC® has
stood the test of time and is still a “must have” item…. and off course
the coffee is great.

atomiccoffeemakersau says:

HI,,,, You will note that the video was produced in 1982,,, and this is how
they liked it then,,,,as per the captions…., Yes, you can make whatever
style of coffee you prefer by just using more or less coffee and or water.
Once you understand the machine, it is easy and the coffee is great… said
to be “the best best coffee” and also known as the “worlds most loved
coffee machine” Yes, it is still available too. and they last and last…

Nicholas Mansbridge says:

Which barista school did this guy go to? that was many things but not a
cappuccino. I love the machine though, would be great to have for use on
the Aga during a power cut.

atomiccoffeemakersau says:

That was how they made them in 1982…. however ATOMIC® COFFEE MACHINE is
capable of making any style of coffee just by varying the grind, the amount
of coffee and water. It is made in ITALY the home of coffee . and is still
selling to-day…why?,,, because it makes great coffee. Shipment come out
from ITALY but you have to be quick as they do not last long.

Tsc Tempest says:

Thanks for the reply, much appreciated. I actually have my own Atomic – a
Brevetti Robbiati, from the 50’s. I bought it in Melbourne from an Opp Shop
for around $5.00 in the early Eighties. I’ve been using it ever since and
it is one of my prized possessions. Today the ‘connoisseurs’ recommend 2
tbn of coffee per 6 oz cup (thats approx. 7g of coarse ground coffee per
180ml). I find that the small filter is perfect for making a full flavoured
coffee: fill and tamp down with moderate pressure.

Tsc Tempest says:

I’ve got one of these machines, and yes, coffee tastes and styles have
changed, dramatically since the 1980’s. Nice video – A Great Share. BTW, in
the video they showed the manual for the coffee machine. You wouldn’t
happen to have an original one would you? If so, please PM me. TT

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