FredHart Coffee Video Response (Keurig Coffee Maker)

FredHart Coffee Video Response (Keurig Coffee Maker)



Lokubari deminok says:

black coffe tastes like battery acid mixed with bitter mud and animal

Wyatt Kadrmas says:

u have the most cheapest keurig, I have the k60, eat that bitch

joebob941 says:

i ove all wearther origanals there amasin

fdsman says:

@GMGvanS .nam elohssa gnikcuf a er’uoY

a986fan says:

“That’s not real coffee, real coffee’s black” Spoken like a true coffee

omiss2006 says:


FrackleRackle says:

@cutlerylover Some people need coffee for the caffeine, not for the taste.

naihanchin Kempo says:

@iHubble havent tried Kona have you

BOB10011001 says:

@cutlerylover Ya. No. SOme things can be better enjoyes with accomponying
flavors. like coffee.

DemonHide says:

You have that alien gizmo coffee maker too? Must be good.

cutlerylover says:

@MistaNoName theres alot in this world thats not good for you, jkust take a
look at the meat we all eat all the steroids and suck we give the animals
to get them as big as possible, lifes short Im not worried

LunarFuror says:

@cutlerylover As backward as this may sound, this comment was kind of… I
dunno inspirational? or something along those lines, to hear that someone
making about the same as me ( I live at home for now in school) to be able
to live on their own, and still be able to get the shiny knives (Using that
as an example of being able to also pursue a hobby) made me feel good, made
me feel like living nearly on my own is going to be quite manageable. It
isn’t our business but thanks for sharing!

Robin French says:

@hanz5599 noooo some people find black coffee a little too bitter… by
your argument we should no season our food, we should not put salt on
chips, geez if u like your coffee strong FINE but if u like your coffee
milkier FINE thats quite possiably the most illogical argument i could ever
imagine 🙂 😛

heettreet says:

we tried this system at work ,and everyone hated the taste ,,went back to
regular perking

cutlerylover says:

@stompySharpNpointy you opay for the convienance thats all, I never said it
was cheap

fredde90210 says:

Actually I can´t stand the stuff…but those “cups” looks awesome

Daniel Kleiman says:

the machine is great, but as a Bristot I do suggest fresh grinds and an
Espresso machine. Only because the coffee comes out better. not burned and
with a great layer of cream on top witch is actually a great way to know if
the coffee are fresh and also the layer is the oils from the beans =]. and
I also like the green mountain coffee, we actually have that brand in

staticx2552 says:

try drinking cuban coffe without sugar or milk have fun there

michael potter says:

anddddd make coffee

cutlerylover says:

@mrbeligos I can post a private video for you if you like since you are
obsessed with posting snotty remarks on my videos, been a year or so now,
and the only comments I ever see from you are sarcastic

Chris Rasmussen says:

I made 3 cups in the time you took to start to make the first one. 🙂 Good
vid though.

Patrick Walsh says:

Awesome! thats all i drink now is newmans own. I cant live without my
keurig now either…lol

Rockyroady999 says:

anyhinig LOLOL

54DUNLOP says:

pretty snazzy machine you got there

JakexFTWx says:

**Stops camera, pours coffee in sink**

GARTV101 says:

we got the same maker

positivepaul says:

did you get that cup at walmart

cutlerylover says:

@captaindiarrhea69 no but it sounds like it woudl be good, like gwargwars
coffe, taste like burn rubber and oil…haha

cutlerylover says:

@shidoink yeah I see it on some other channels too

astaschak says:

my coffee maker died this morning, my parents are gonna take it back today
cause its under warrenty still. but i was upset cause i didn’t get a cup of
coffee this morning so i was dead all morning for school


what model this that brewer

CoolasIce2 says:

I did a quick search for the Keurig coffee machine. It looks nice, but It
has a horrible reliability record. It breaks down right after the warranty
expires. There are thousands of complaints.

Nick Marino says:

i have 1 wit a lcd screen nd it makes 5 sizes

Jacob McComas says:

I can’t stand coffee snobs.

jakeman121acdc says:

its riduculous how we humans are becoming so lazy.

Clay Venezia says:

@cutlerylover good for you Jeff, it was none of his buisness how you handle
your personal finances and I really respect you fro going out and standing
up for yourself

Phil M. says:

@ollizippolli Jetzt schon auf Youtube? 😛

cutlerylover says:

@LooseLatitude ahh yes sweet sweet irony!!!!!

godse7en says:

i miss the knife reviews….

PurpleLion35 says:

@cutlerylover Cocoa isn’t sweet by nature either, do you like 100% cocoa

. Omen says:

have u had the eggnog flavored coffe k-cup ….its amazing!

atatkfighter says:

I have to buy me one of these.

cutlerylover says:

@121fu online

iJockYourVideos says:

I was reading some comments Jeff, and I think some people should just leave
thier thoughts to themselves. Everyone is “trolling” on other peoples vids
and its crazy. Keep up the good work! PS 1000 vids will come sooner than
expected 🙂

Kris Lacy says:

if you really like coffee you should try coffee from Jura-Capresso super
automatic espresso ena series. It cost some money but it is sooo worth it.

homer5678 says:

I generally add a small pinch of salt to each cup to cut bitterness. The
sodium ions in salt block bitter receptors and the tongue. This also helps
enhance the flavor of the coffee.

anasianguy09 says:

i would say black coffee is the pure form of coffee. Coffee with cream is a
“weaker” taste of coffee. I personally only enjoy the smell lol.

Oecleus says:

@suza1103 “I could care less” means you do care. “I couldn’t care less”
(Which is the proper expression) means you don’t care. I understand what
the expression means, and what it should be. Just because a lot of people
start using an expression incorrectly doesn’t mean that expression is all
of the sudden sensible. Perhaps google would be best for you instead?

JesusFuckingChrist84 says:

“I can care less” is U.S idiotmatic for lacking interest in something.
Everyone says that “Couldn’t care less” is supposed to be correct usage,
but in the U.S they are considered interchangeable to a degree. So yes…
it can be quite confusing at times. ^_^

cmtate3 says:

hey u r my role model i am into knifes and zippo”s i just got started in
them but where cuold i be able to get some more 4 a lower price then 20
bucks case i am in 5th grade and i dont have a lot of money so yah thanks
so much.

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