Fix Your Broken Keurig Coffee Maker – New tips and tricks – Water Flow Issues

Fix Your Broken Keurig Coffee Maker – New tips and tricks – Water Flow Issues

Fix Your Broken Keurig Coffee Maker – New tips and tricks – Water Flow Issues A few ideas on how to fix your Keurig Coffee Maker. Should work for all home mo…



Eric W. says:

Just a quick update, my Keurig is still chugging along. It actual makes
coffee pretty well now without having to beat the crap out of it. Just know
that this is a temporary fix. For some it may give you one last final cup
and for others a new found coffee machine. – Eric

Eric W. says:

Btw, I’ve had to “shake” my Keurig a few more times over the last few
weeks…but each time it’s like shaking a brand new Keurig right out of the
top of my old Keurig! I think I’m getting about 1-2 weeks of 80-90 water
flow after each shake. Again, all I’m doing is turning it upside down a few
times to dislodge whatever’s stuck in the lines. I’m sure at some point
I’ll take it all apart, but for now this works for me! Hope you guys have
great luck!!

– Eric

Eric W. says:

So again today I did the ole flip-a-too and everything started working

linda Briggs says:

Received our Keurig for Christmas a yr ago. Had trouble with water being
pushed thru pod, only a trickle. Did the paper clip thing and that fixed
it. Well this weekend it started again, worse. Did the paper clip thing
again didn’t work, so I thought it bit the big one. Dug out our old coffee
maker, and order a pot-less Cuisinart that was on sale. I just couldn’t
stand the thought that this thing was not fixable, I could tell it was
pumping, so I googled trouble shooting Keurigs and tried a few different
things-Unplugged, plugged back in, holding the brew button in as I turned
on, got a trickle more, still wasn’t working. Watch this one, did the paper
clip thing, still wouldn’t push water thru pod. Removed water reservoir,
unplugged and turned upside down over sink, and wacked
it-HARD, plugged back in, put a dab of water in the hole water pumps from
reservoir, placed reservoir back on, and tried it. Was getting a alittle
more water thru still not right—WELL that was it, put another pod in, hit
brew when ready and only a small trickle– I WACKED THE CRAP OUT OF IT HARD
while it was brewing. IT WORKED!!!!! a nice strong stream started
flowing. wooohooo It works like new now. Hey what do you have to
lose? Wasn’t working anyway, was in the box ready for trash. May still
get the new one, they say if you get a yr. out of these things your
lucky!!!! Will See. Liked the video

Robert Karpel says:

Easy fix – All you need to do is take a toothpick and clean the upper
portion of the piercing mechanism. This is part that makes contact with the
coffee ground and gets clogged over time. 

Arturo Macias says:

Eric you are my hero, Thanks for the tip, I bought a new system K450 2.0
like 3 months ago in SAMs at the end of the first month the machine started
to brew very slowly almost 5 minutes to get a complete 290ml coffe mug, so
I returned it and got another brand new and this time just worked by 2
months and started to behave the same, like starting pumping normal but
suddenly the pump starts to reduce the speed and almost stop, I was very
disapoinnted after buying some much Keurig different flavors and stuff,
then I saw your video among others that shows to use the paper clip on the
top section of the lid so I combined both techniques and now WORKS! I think
Keurig needs to do something on their design to elliminate or clear air
bubbles or something that gets into the system. thanks for your video.

Arturo from Mexico

Derek Martinie says:

Holy crap, it worked on my B70! Thanks so much! -D

Lyndsey Morrison says:

Just spent an hour deconstructing my keurig in my dorm bathroom with no
success. Then say this video and decided to try your method of shaking it.
IT WORKS!! Thank you so much!!

Angel Torres says:

I hadn’t used my Keurig for some time when I tried to descale with
vinegar it wasn’t heating at all but was making a humming noise like it was
working. I was so pissed Saw your vid among others. Last resort turned
it over the sink and for lack of better term proceeded to gentle bash the
shit out of the top rear of the Keurig. Put back together the heating
light finally came on ( progress ). Now I just got a trickle . Then I
proceeded to hammer the top of the Keurig. Success … Kind of reminds me
of the Russian astronaut in “Armageddon” when he fixed the shuttle by
banging on it. Thx for the Vid 

Cindy Kuhl says:

Thank you!!!!! This did the trick! After 4 hours of descaling and paper
clipping. Turning it upside down a few times and flushing under faucet
with hot water. it is working!!!!! Thank you again; just saved myself $100

ivan martinez says:

Is work thanks 

Ryckygee Garrigosa says:

Hey man it works… Thank you ..

Yadda Noel says:

Genius!!!!!!!!!! Awwwwwwwwwwww my hubby will be soooooooo happy !,!!!!!!!!

naru yasu says:

This really worked for me too. It was complete dead and did nothing. And
this worked! Thank you!

jesuslandgurl says:

You are my new HERO!
This worked just liked you said! Thanks so much because I was seriously
about to lose it LOL…your the best :)

mojodo says:

synopsis: unplug, remove reservoir, turn brewer upside down, shake a few
times. it works. it worked on my keurig mini, which does not have a
removeable reservoir. just unplug, turn it over and drain over sink if
there is water in it, shake a few times and go.

penguin chick says:

sooooo… i just stopped your vid at 3:49, went and did it…ok, it did do
something but still no coffee out. so i did the wire in the needle hole and
got coffee! 🙂
now to finish your vid. new sub ty!

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