Espresso Machine Review: Jura Capresso ENA 4

Espresso Machine Review: Jura Capresso ENA 4

Join Tracy as she reviews the Jura Capresso ENA 4 – the world’s slimmest bean-to-cup coffee center. At the touch of a button, it grinds, tamps, and brews, making it easier than ever to create…



Martha Garrett says:

Our Jura Capresso Ena 4 <3

Sherly says:

A Super Automatic espresso manhcie is a reliable manhcie but they do have a few more components than Semi-Automatic or Traditional espresso makers. Don’tbe frightened by them, they are there to make the process less interactive. Once you set the manhcie’s programmable features (water volume, size of shot, etc.) you have touch of the button capabilities. The Saeco Odea line is the one I would go from the ones you named above. Saeco is the world leader in espresso manhcies and we have never seen a reliability issue for their manhcies. If you do need any help you can always contact us we’ve been servicing repairing Super Automatic espresso manhcies in Southern California for the last 9 years. Just give us a shout at ask for Roland or Jose, they are real friendly experts.

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