Easy way to make yogurt with a Mr coffee coffee maker coffee pot

Easy way to make yogurt with a Mr coffee coffee maker coffee pot

A simple way to make your own yogurt in a Mr Coffee Coffeemaker coffee pot. Making yogurt is a good way to save money and experiment with different flavors i…

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aywLudqZfmw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aywLudqZfmw


Robb's Homemade Life says:

I approve everybodys comments unless they are spam, but do not see
everyone’s comments showing up, if you have made a comment and do not see
it I am sorry but it was the great googly and not me to blame.

Sheila6325 says:

That is SO COOL! I know a lot of people that love yogurt. Thumbs up!!!

PixieTrailSprite says:

Adding 1/3 cup of dry powdered milk will make the whole milk yogurt firmer.
The more powder, the firmer it gets. I used to make yogurt entirely from
powdered milk but like you have found I prefer whole milk yogurt but I
still add additional powdered milk to it to get the firmer yogurt.

lifeinthailand says:

I seen people use a crock pot before, And there is all kinds of things you
can buy to make yogurt, But a coffee pot is different. And about the best
think that well ever come out of a coffee pot IMO….I’m not a coffee

fridaynightovernight says:

That looks odd But way Cool I will give a try

NH treasurehunter says:

Very cool, I had no idea that that’s how it’s made.. thanks.

eltenda fabrizio says:

really interesting…

Taleulah says:

I was just about to give away my old coffee pot. The daughter got me one
of those fancy smancy ones. Now I can use it for yogurt!! Thanks Robb!!

Chef Buck says:

very cool (or warm) idea ….CG likes yogurt all on its own, but I don’t
get jazzed about it too much, although I do use it regularly in some of the
Indian dishes I prepare

snookie65 says:

Very cool! I’ve been making my own yogurt for years (strain it to make
Greek yogurt, no thickeners). I let it sit in my kettle overnight in my
oven with the light on. I don’t know why folks buy it when it’s so easy to
make. I’ve also used my Excalibur dehydrator.

doloinc says:


Man Land says:

Con.. uh..coinsin…uh…um…com…cantinsticy…OH HECK!!! I can’t spell
it much less say it either…lol. I’m gonna try this idea for some yogurt
and hope I have luck in it’s consistency…lol. FANTASTIC VIDEO…and yes
it was not only educational, but entertaining. Two thumbs up…or as I say
a 6 pack salute!

eltenda fabrizio says:
eloctocs13 says:

This sounds great. Robb how did you keep the coffee pot from turning off?
Most have auto shut off. Thanks Scot

daisy3690 says:


Robb's Homemade Life says:

A simple way to make your own yogurt in a Mr Coffee Coffeemaker coffee pot

Man Land says:

Check this out … now were talking.

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