Cuisinart DCC 1100 coffee maker review

Cuisinart DCC 1100 coffee maker review


Lucid Dream says:

I’ve never seen people so emotionally ass hurt over a man just simply
making random videos. You puppets are the laughing stock of this channel.
You may think Elpres is the joke here, but in reality, it’s you. He knows
by making puppet videos he will get you pizza face clowns to click it thus
equally easy money for him just off your ass hurt selves. I’ve watched his
channel since the Xbox 360 joke videos and the MW2 days when he recorded
with a camera phone. Do I miss them videos? Yes, but watching you sad cunts
cry like little girls in the comment section is just as good if not

StrictOrders says:

I imagine some soccer mom looking up a review for this coffee maker and
finding this. She would be very surprised. 

Fraser Allan says:

Elpresadors puppets are all mind fucked beyond repair they should check
themselves into mental hospitals while they still have a chance 

CmPuke101 says:

cm punk sucks
ryback is a legend

M41NFRAME says:

Sponsored by “CUISINART” in association with YOBO Productions.

Grizzly 420 says:

You all are a bunch of fuckin losers. Low life fuckin bums seriously come
up with it own shit y’all keep saying “gunga” “nerds” “social degen” and
calling people “puppets”. U people sound like a bunch of fucking robots
just repeating the same shit elpres says.

D4Gamers says:

Enjoy that coffee beast, because give or take 10-12 years you’ll be
suffering from stage 3 Alzeheimers, drinking cold brewed dog shit from the
confinement of your padded restraint wheelchair.

Hobo With A Shotgun says:

Google diterpenes and read about that and why you want to use paper filters
instead of that mesh basket. That shit is bad for your heart so if you want
to live to a ripe old age you should use the paper filters. And the only
cost like a penny each and its less hassle than having to clean out that
mesh thing every time.

Adel Naif says:

You can’t efford iphone 6


Tony Montana says:

coincidence Ive been looking at different types of ground coffee(critics,
reviews, peoples reviews) cause I wanted something new. tired of folgers.
maxwell house is rated really shitty like drinking tar. I came to the
conclusion that starbucks and 8 O’ clock were one of the best, dunkin
dougnuts has best decaf. folgers and chuck full O’ nuts were the best out
of the canned shit. I ended up ordering Cuvée coffee Ethiopian blend. the
other stuff I can always get at the store. i got a Mr. Coffee maker the

Dusty Female Cat | COD Rage and More says:

I don’t drink coffee. I just give my body sleep with naps whenever it
wants. If I had shitty sleep and I’m suffering and I’m being unproductive,
then I try to take a nap and it doesn’t work then I guess I end up being
unproductive. Wow, with ideas like these, there is literally no limit to
the videos I could make. Why does ElPresador’s house look like a
double-wide to me? I thought he was wealthier than that?

MrGillystar says:

I always get turned on seeing a coffee maker. Is this normal?

SneakyVape says:

lmao Pres put some real coffee in that motherfucker Maxwell House is shit. 

tropicAces says:

“You’re supposed to put the cone-shaped filters in there, but I don’t.”


joshua12345676 says:

We have some of that maxwell house wake up roast right now. Pretty lacking
coffee it is…

RussianBeast93 says:

elpres we need a peyton manning vid ASAP

Antonio Welch says:

“Cucenhart” XD no wonder he thinks he’s the closest thing to god, he’s so
ignorant that he can’t say “Cuisinart”

Phil Awful says:

Get a fuckin Keurig you fucking dinosaur

BrankoP85 says:

You know what: I might buy it! I MIGHT BUY IT!! :)

Sam Deen says:

I have a Keurig, there biblical as you would say.

Dmv Soulja says:

Only coffee I can drink is in a stout beer like founders breakfast stout to
each is own chuck you slob motherfucker LMAO!!!

A Lemon Cannon says:

Why is there a piece of shit on your chin?

The .Dudebro Channel says:

fuck that shit!! Keurig is where its at, Get with the times!!!

ZeonGundam says:

Not gonna lie this review was pretty funny.

CALi G says:

What happened to the Hamilton Beach coffee maker????

jason wilson says:

dang this coffee machine looks sweet where can i get one ?

The Raging Demon says:

Leave the comfort of your 1970’s rape house, and fight me in the mountains
of Japan.

xip09 says:

ur gettin that double chin man ur in bad shape

Mike says:

Great review, Cuisinart should pay you for this.

ZombieX069 says:

no more football videos?

Traviskidd says:

somebody make this outro music for the beast the same way he sung it at the
end please!!! lol

ramp622 says:

Join society and get a Keurig . And k cups.

Justin Mayhugh says:

Dance you fucking puppets!!! Dance!!!!

I-HáT€_T®õll§ says:

“Kukinart” haha keep the nerds dancing 

TheSteezyJugg says:

Can you review water next beast I need to know if i should get it 

Dynamite says:

Imma have to get one now. PS your chin looks like a vagina lol 

JenovaDoll says:

Mutherfuck me!!! That is an awesome coffee maker 

Sethnotasithsr says:

Still not better than this beast of KEURIG though!?

soccerj75 says:

John Cena for Hall of Fame!
CM Punk sucks

Slut stomper says:

Cant beat a good coffee machine thats for sure

Eirika sacredstones says:

Elpres is like that crazy uncle I’ve never had.

BetterThanJesus says:


Digital_Goji ゴジラ says:

That ending was freaking BIBLICAL!!! OMFG!

Such Doge says:


Brandon Rivera says:

What happened to that one guy fgfgfhhgehd or something like that. He
stopped commenting

mr shart says:

this guy looks to young to be drinking coffee

Christopher Crabtree says:

I found you a long time ago after looking for a review on the Hamilton
beach coffee maker. Been here ever since. 

punkinthumper says:

coffee is nasty

Agent1W says:

Does this mean you won’t get your Dunkin Donuts coffee?

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