Crew Review: Via Venezia Refurbished Espresso Machine

Crew Review: Via Venezia Refurbished Espresso Machine

Another option from our Certified Refurbished crop of espresso machines, the very popular Via Venezia is a simple, straight forward semi-automatic with a pre…



Warrenff5 says:

Kat, at 5:10 the pump kicks on without pressing the brew button. So is this
auto-filling or something else, because my Aroma definitely doesn’t do this?

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Great choice! One of my favorites. Let us know if you need anything as you
get started 🙂 – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

@gabeslover I am assuming so, yes; both the Via Venezia and Aroma machines
had previously lives as the private labeled Barista series – Kat

Kellye Evans says:

I have been waiting for a refurbished via venezia on your website and was
sad to see the price go from $179 to now $239 and there are still none
available. Why the large change in price?

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

@Warrenff5 She is pulling steam and then water through; that is actively
activating the pump on this machine, if she let the machine just sit there
it wouldn’t be sensing low water in the boiler and refilling of it’s own
accord. – Kat

Dennis Levens says:

Kat, no complaints here, what you are doing with your videos and company is
already a winner in my book. Your website is great, service has been great
and your videos are fun and informative 🙂 – Dennis

gmwznhnt3 says:

You girls are the best! I’m about to order this model from your website
tonight!!! Thanks so much for the wealth of information you guys put on
YT…I’m pretty new to the home barista thing and after watching all of
your videos I think I’m going with this one…I hope it works out!

gabeslover says:

Is this machine close to the Starbucks Barista SIN 006?

A Lyons says:

Ladies, you guys are silly as usual. This was my first espresso machine. I
still use it on ocassion. How do you change the water hose? Thanks in

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

@Warrenff5 Hmmmmm….I can’t do a ton of assistance via YT, but here are
some questions — are you able to get hot water through the brew head
and/or the steam arm? Have you taken apart and cleaned the panarello? If
you have done and did a thorough descale, then it might need repair. Can
you send me a message here with your info and I can see if there’s any
other ideas? – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

You’re welcome! Glad to help 😀 – Kat


How where u able to get so much crema..?

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

@dlevens22 We’re sticking with what we’re doing now 🙂 – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

@DansaMinCancer Cute!!! 🙂 – Kat

Filmprodukt .com says:

Looks like mine, I got a little one. 🙂

Nubster12 says:

First of all I want to say that your videos are fantastic…entertaining
AND informative. I am looking at getting my first espresso setup and budget
is very important (aka non-existent) so I was looking at this unit or the
Aroma paired with a Capresso Infinity. How would you compare this machine
to the Aroma and do you feel it’s worth the additional $40? Thanks so much!

hivliner says:

love your vids:)

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

@SchneiderStudios I really can’t – sorry. The processing time takes too
long and too much of my laptop’s power so, for right now, we are sticking
with what we’re doing. Maybe if we upgrade our machine to something else in
the future I’ll do this, but for right now you’ll have to suffer through at
this resolution. Sorry! – Kat

Kellye Evans says:

@SeattleCoffeeGear Thanks for getting back to me. I’ll keep an eye out for
them then.

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Crema is all about the coffee you’re using – Kat

Dennis Levens says:

Thanks for another fun and informative video. Do you have a place we can
send video suggestions? Maybe you have this already but would Like to see a
start to finish, including cleanup for a double shot and tripple. Something
you can update as you learn new techinques, like your recent fluffing and
somewhat recent, not tapping the PF etc. Would love to see this on the
Giotto or Cellini and with the vario and a few if your best grinders.
Showing all the details so customers who purchase the highe

Saniya says:

Take your portfolio into a cafe you like and meet with the mgnaaer or owner. Chances are they will like your work and want it on their walls.To save the staff at the cafe from being bothered for information about your work, have sheets of paper available that lists every photo and it’s price and your phone number or web addy.The last hanging I did in a cafe, the cafe owner got 10% of my total sales.

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

@idlehands28 Thanks … I think 😉 To change the hose you’ll need to take
the top off and then pull it out, then replace with a food grade silicon
tubing of some type. We don’t sell these but you may be able to get from
Saeco. I can’t offer any further tech support on it via YouTube tho 😉 – Kat

Kellye Evans says:

Your videos are great and really helpful though

MrEjachok says:

Nice one. What do you think is best for home use? Via Venezia or Silvia?

sangcouvreleciel says:

Thanks for the video, very helpful!!!

jdk5197 says:

Hi Gail, what coffee do you like to use with this machine?

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

@Nubster12 The only real, functional difference between the two is that the
Via Venezia’s steam arm articulates, vs. just rotates, so if you’re going
to do a lot of milk steaming, I definitely recommend getting this model. If
you’re going to primarily do shots or Americanos and not steam milk that
often, the Aroma is the way to go – Kat

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