Crew Review: Krups XP5280

Crew Review: Krups XP5280

Another round of testing and review of Krups products, this time focusing on espresso machines. Gail walks us through the features and demos the machine by m…



Miodrag Krkovic says:

Hi, Can I use Capresso EC PRO portafilter with Krups Xp52?

Monica Ilea says:

Espressor Krups XP5240

djuzla says:

Great video!
I am an owner of XP5280 for 6 months,I am satisfied with the coffee
itself,but not with the milk foam,though.

When I turn the foam valve on,always,always there is a 2 seconds of water
that comes out under the pressure before the steam begins.Is this normal?

I can not make that creamy foam,like you did in the video,all I got is
bubles on top.

Please help,I want to start enjoying my home-made coffee 🙂


Anton Belarus says:

when I try to make milk foam in the room is very noisy and whistles .. but
in the end nothing happens. : (Tried more than 10 times.!

Bas Smets says:

Can you compare this machine with the KRUPS XP601050 or XP4600? Do you have
reviews of these machines? Thanks

jodan sa says:

how much for this model?

Ishpreet Anand says:

how many shots can be brewed in a day?

Jara85 says:

Hi! I have bought the krups xp 2240 witch is basically the same but i can’t
get the milk to “cream” like that. I have tried Regular milk and special
barista milk. But after about 30 seconds the milk starts to boil! I have
tried different amount of milk but the result is always the same; loose
milk in the bottom and “fluffy clouds” on top. So I’m asking the pros: What
am i doing wrong? 🙂 Best regards from sweden

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

We use both! You can see hear more about the Krups model in our Crew
favorite machines under $300 video. ~ sam

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

I’m not familiar with that Lavazza blend. However, in general, Lavazza has
some great pre-ground options for espresso. -Kaylie

karilindis says:

Hello Kat and Gail, I wanted to know in which ranking you would categorize
the following espresso machines ( this are the ones I can get in Argentina
), I mean wich ones are the best to get: Saeco Poemia Focus/Class USD
244/266, Aroma Silver USD 555 Krups XP5240 USD 333 Electrolux EM220 USD 311
Oster 7701 USD 284 Bialetti Mokona CF41 USD 577 We don’t have here any
grinder options as you have there, only basic ones around 70 USD, is it OK
to use pre-grounded coffee? Greetings, Karina

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Thanks for the product suggestion! We haven’t looked into it yet, but I’ve
added it to the research list. -Kaylie

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

@r3s3tme I’d probably go with the Krups myself; more functionality/features
for the price. – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

I would probably go with the Saeco models as they have better build
quality; some of the others, I am not familiar with. You can use pre-ground
with the Saecos. Hope that helps! 🙂 – Kat

Jose Cortes says:

I like the classic tamping system

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

@jdharding2 We have soy milk here, so if I want a latte, I usually use
that. But I mostly drink shots/Americanos anyway. At home I drink So
Delicious coconut milk (which rocks!). I’m not super intolerant, but I
usually try to limit my intake to my deep love for cheese 😀 – Kat

Din Padayao says:

I visited Krups store (Philippines) lately and found this version of
XP5240/5220. The frother’s plastic nozzle have changed already from this
clip type in the video to thread type. Have you tried this new version
already? I’m about to buy and choosing from Delonghi or Krups . Which one
is better?

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Prices vary – check out our website for most current pricing on this
machine. – Kat

Damman Pieter says:

Thanks for your reply. Yesterday it succeeded for the first time to make
microfoam. But I was only able to do it by putting little milk in the
pitcher (it was still less then half full after steaming it). So now I
wonder whether maybe my pitcher (16oz, cheap one) isn’t good enough to
steam more milk. Can you maybe give an idea about the max amount of milk
that I could steam at once with this machine? And what is a good pitcher
size for this?

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

@mindgames2889 Glad we could be of service 😀 – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

We haven’t, but you can’t really give those because not only is every
grinder a bit different, the coffee you use is a huge variable. Best thing
to do is dial it in using time / taste – Kat

L Young says:

How do you make a microfoam that great Miss? I really need to know, I have
a xp5240 that could not produce good foam. tried with 100ml of milk in a
pyrex jug big mouthed. However it keeps on overflowing and giving soap foam
quality… really fed up . Could you give an advice?

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

I love the self-tamping situation on the Krups … between those two, I’d
go with that one. – Kat

Susazeu says:

Mi Bariloche, I´m from Buenos Aires. The 5240 is great except for the
frother, breaks easily and spares are hard to come by. I had two great
Electrolux Chef Crema but the bad news is that the Ulka pumps don´t last,
and again, spares! I´ll keep on using the 5240 but try to rig something for
the frother!

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

@liquidribs Not sure — we never tested the other version. – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

We haven’t tested that brand yet. Good to hear your feedback! ~ sam

MiBariloche says:

@SeattleCoffeeGear Hi Kat! I got my machine and it’s amazing, As far as I
can tell, it’s very similar to this one, except that you can’t programme
anything, but that’s ok. I love to see the coffee falling, ha! As we speak,
I’m waiting to finish my registration with Bongo. Again, muahahaha! I
believe I’m going to get a Maestro Plus, because I don’t see myself buying
some higher end machine in the future, so I won’t need anything more
sofisticated than that. Can’t wait to place my order, yay!! 😉

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

You’ll be double tamping, I think, if yours works the same as ours does …
I don’t know if you’d actually see a difference in the cup. – Kat

MiBariloche says:

Hi Kat!! Does the grind affect the quality of the shot too much in this
model? I can’t find this machine in Argentina, but I can get the 5240 that
looks similar. Thank you, you rock!! 😉

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Yup! It’s just going to froth differently depending on your soy milk’s fat
content. – Kat

Qease says:

Hello Kat en Gail, I have a KRUPS XP52 series. I’m a student so i don’t
have a high budget. I am getting my coffee grinded @ a coffee store in my
village. Every week i get my coffee freshly grinded there(in a high end
grinder), so my question is: What is better, buying a low budget grinder
(if so witch one is best price/quality) or wait(2years) till i get more
money and buy a better machine and buy a high end grinder later. With kind
regards from Holland!

Stefan Sigfinnsson says:

Kat you are my man. Long live black coffee without any milk or other
garbage to destroy the delicious coffee taste 😀

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

@henrihenrynl I will put that testing on our to-do list! – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

@klarinetta ah — got it, just a little cross cultural miscommunication 😀
– Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

@74sugarplum Hi there — sorry, I can’t really troubleshoot via YouTube. I
would recommend calling them for warranty troubleshooting (if you haven’t
already – realize I am late responding as I was out of the office). – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

It’s a nice model, good temperature regulation and some cool features for
the price. – Kat

z gao says:

sorry about my irritating words but i am just so pissed with this product
and will never buy this brand any more in my life.

Stacey M says:

I’m debating between this and a Delonghi kmix. I prefer the kmix for it’s
retro design, but I’ve read a lot of reviews online about them not working
after a short period of time or leaking. Would this Krups be a better buy?
Thank you!

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