Crew Review: DeLonghi EC860

Crew Review: DeLonghi EC860

Gail takes on this hybrid espresso machine, which features pressurized portafilter extractions and an auto-froth option. Watch her go through its features an…



Seattle Coffee Gear says:

+squange20 The machine has a water filter. You can also use prefiltered
water too. – Steven 

G00dwILLHuNt1n9 says:

So how do you depressurise it?

juan esparza says:

DeLonghi – Magnifica XS Espresso Maker? This is another one that I’d like
to get your professional opinion on. I’d like to stay under $1000.00 so if
you have another machine that you’d recommend it’d be much appreciated.
Thank you so much for your input Sarah :)

juan esparza says:

Which do you think is better? Breville Barista 870 or this De Loghni?

Iven Liau says:

is this steam wand work with ec850m? 

ProGrayRaven says:

So did you test an unpressurized filter on it?

Iven Liau says:

It came with the steam wand ?

Simon Swales says:

Just saw the delonghi EC680 dedica. cant find out whether it had a
pressurized porta filter or not. Cant find a review in English

Joey Gernaat says:

Im sorry for my bad english but on what setting should the switch on the
milktank be for a good cappucino? Pulled or pushed?

خالد الخالد says:

درجة التسخين ضعيفة

Abdullah Minor says:

When I bought DeLonghi EC860 Machine
I was stuck I thought it was very complicated
but when I saw your video I found it easy to use
thank you so much you helped me a lot

keep going

ndk18 says:


First use of machine – the machine should perform self test with sequential
flashing of lights. It is not doing so. The hot water light is flashing but
nothing else happens. The tank is full of water and the filter is in. All
instructions have been followed. Please help !

Emilio Russo says:

Hello, do you know if 44mm pods fit in this machine?

ChuckyRussia says:

WOW Thank, What mashine?

George Darksilver says:

Krups XP5280 or delonghi ec860 ?

Miguel Fuentes says:

hello, i have a question do you know how to reset the factory settings? for
the coffee amount and all? thanks. nice video. 

Stephen Bornemann says:

Finally got the Rancilio Silvia today. I have had time to pull 5 shots so
far ranging from sour/weak through to bitter/strong and in between. I am
utterly stunned that the poorest shots on the Silvia were all much better
than the best shots I got out of the EC820B whether pressurised or
non-pressurised. I have entered a new and much better world. De Longhi –
you’ve been good to learn the basics on but now it’s time to say goodbye…

squange20 says:

Thank you Steven.

squange20 says:

Can you use pre-filtered water or does this come with its own filter. Your
vids are amazing, thanks!!

Nff says:

certain “warentee voiding” mods and a good grinder will give you the crema
you seek

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Crema is mostly about the coffee you’re using – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

It’s definitely the same diameter as the others but the depth is a little
different. We need to get some parts in order to complete the
depressurziation on the EC860, but we think it will work without any
modification on the other models. Dosage seems like it might max out at the
12-ish grams on their stock baskets. – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

We’re going to experiment with it, so stay tuned … – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

The superauto model you reference will grind and brew the coffee for you,
no work on your part – just the touch of a button. Definitely check out
DeLonghi’s newer smaller ECAM models for great choices if you want it fully
automated. If you want this kind of function that is a traditional coffee
extraction with automatic frothing, then this model is a great choice. Hope
that helps! Let me know if you have any more questions 🙂 – Kat

muaythai193 says:

How can I improve my coffee? I use Delonghi magnifier s and the coffee
tastes bad! Sometimes bitter, sometimes watery, depending on how I change
the settings! Are there any hints how to make it tastier?

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

We have been trying to source them but no success, yet. Sorry 🙁 – Kat


Hello again, Do you know a grinder called “Gino Rossi”? If you have, what’s
your opinion on the machine?

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Tough on a machine like this! 😀 – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

It’s a good choice for someone who wants to do auto-froth, but may not need
to be their first machine …. you definitely pay for that functionality
and the auto-froth isn’t my favorite thing. Pressurized portafilters allow
you to use pre-ground coffee or a grinder that isn’t rated for espresso and
still get a serviceable shot. Non-pressurized requires you to pull shots
like a pro — dial in the grind, tamp, etc. – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

We haven’t carried them for a few years, so my knowledge is outdated. – Kat

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