Crew Review: Bonavita 5-Cup Coffee Maker

Crew Review: Bonavita 5-Cup Coffee Maker

The new (and mini) Bonavita 5-Cup Brewer is here and we love it! Sure we drink a lot of coffee, so this small guy may not keep up with the volume we need, but it just looks too good on our…



1timby says:

Would be great to have on your desk at work or at home.

Have you folks ever done a test to see how long coffee can be held at temp
before it’s no longer a good cup?

The old machines continue to cook the coffee. SO I was just wondering…LOL

thedragoonknight says:

Gail and co., I love the new videos, the tone (especially ones with
Miranda) remind me of the ones with Kat. Thanks for bringing back that
Seattle Coffee Gear flair. ;)

A Jay says:

Can someone give me some tips? I just got a chemex and every time I make
coffee on it, it taste weak, like water. I’m using 750ml of water to 50g of
coffee. Yet every time i do it, it just taste weak. I’m doing everything i
should like i see on youtube videos. However, when I use my technivorm,
with the same water and a little less coffee, it turns out great every
time. Any tips, or maybe i’m doing something wrong.

Steve Dunn says:

Will you Please test this new 5 cup unit with the pre-infusion mode
activated? Thanks! 

ascosta says:

Surprised Gail didn’t pre-wet the filter. I have the older 7-cup model with
the glass-lined carafe and I love it. I think Bonavita got rid of the glass
lining because of reports of the glass imploding (I never had issues with
mine though). Too bad they didn’t choose to instead improve the design and
keep the glass lining. Glass is much easier to clean and doesn’t add
spurious flavor to the coffee.

Jesse Cohen says:

I think I just found my next coffee maker…

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