Comparison: Machines Under $300

Comparison: Machines Under $300

Looking for the right machine, but need to stick to your tight budget? The choices can be overwhelming, so in this video we look at a few machines that are u…



Michael Wong says:

There is way too much unimportant information in this video and it would be
better to focus on more popular machines which you guys think are best, and
to go into detail on what customers might be looking for. 

Michael Wong says:

We should get more of an expert here to review the top three or most
popilar machines under 300 that you guys offer instead of going through a
plethora of “okay” machines. This video leaves the customer confused and
unable to make an informed purchasing decision. I understand that this may
give customers more of a choice but it however isn’t informative to someone
who is new to espresso machines.

Stephen Vincent says:

So, I have a capresso infinity grinder, do you think that grinder is good
enough for use with the EC PRO bottomless portafilter? Or is a grinder
upgrade an absolute must.

ZBarwin says:

I quite like my Cuisinart EM-100c. Built well, much better than most cheap
machines, and will make a really nice shot even with my questionable burr
grinder. A little slow to foam milk, but for straight espresso its
definitely up there for a lower end machine.

Rayner Tan says:

Saeco really sucks for it has a pressurized portafilter

Just get a Jura AG Capresso EC Pro

And maybe a good grinder like a Baratza but Hario Skerton can work if you’d
like the pressurized portafilter 

Marcsi Kertész says:

great review, thanx for it.:)
Do you happen to know what would be the “european” version of Capresso?
I did not seem to find Capresso available in Hungary?
I found Jura coffee machines, but there is no “low end” machines available.
Any tips?

Bayu Fauzi says:

you guys reviewed about the features in each machine, but how about the
durability? I mean how many cups per day does those machine can withstand?
i have this small office with 15 peoples in it and we are all drink coffee
and I think we need one of those machine, which one do you guys recommend? 

Scotty d'Angelo says:

anyone who can’t afford a real espresso machine should pass on these junk
machines. you’re better off spending that $300 towards a+ espresso, which
will probably last you longer than these machines that will produce
swill–assuming anyone who is unwilling to spend more than $300 for an
espresso machine will highly unlikely spend that much on a grinder, which
at $300 will be junk anyway. Adequate grinders will start at $600. I
wish SCG would be straight up with folks on what they’re going to be
getting buying these low end machines. They’re better off going with a
Nespresso machine. At least then you know exactly what you’re getting.

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