Coleman Coffee Maker

Coleman Coffee Maker

Thanks James&Janine, David&Mandi, Shelley, and Steve&Colin for the great coffee maker. I’m sure everyone in the campsite was smelling it and was very very je…



yuandrew says:

In case you are wondering; Jarden Corp, the parent company of Coleman, also
owns Mr. Coffee. The electric version of this seems to be the Mr. Coffee
model AR-11. The way it works is the same as any other auto-drip coffee
maker except at the bottom where you would normally find the electric
heating element under the hot plate for the coffee pot is where the flame
from the stove hits to heat the water.

Shaun Guthrie says:

Only good for camping, it’s NOT a backbacking coffee maker as you need a
stove for it. If you are backpacking then take a coffee press from a place
like Mountain Equipment Co-Op

BobSigP229R says:

Is that a good coffee maker to take back packing and hiking?

ravenclanx says:

How long did it take for the coffee to brew? I herd over 40 minutes i hope
that’s not true.

woww1994 says:

you are exactly right

Shaun Guthrie says:

40 minutes! No way. It’s been awhile since I used it but I think it was
around 15 minutes at most.

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