Coffee Maker Upgrades To Keurig

Coffee Maker Upgrades To Keurig

My coffee maker decided to upgrade to a Keurig. I like the results. And the coffee tastes great, too! SUBSCRIBE, LIKE and COMMENT if you like this video and …



Blaise Roney says:

Hey My name is Blaise and I used to live in Birmingham Alabama I live in a
small town called Helena I recently have moved to Ohio I have had no
contact with Helena or Alabama since we moved last year and I just like to
let you know that I think it’s really cool that you do these blogs I think
it helps me remember the memories that I have forgotten so thanks

Lily Griffin says:

Haha so cute! 

Sirenfreak1000T says:

Its real nice. I like it. :)

Randy and Anna says:

My coffee maker just upgraded to a @Keurig. No, seriously:

HeyJarai says:


Sirenfreak1000T says:

I got the K40

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