Coffee Maker Up In Flames

Coffee Maker Up In Flames

A scientific test to what happens when a Coffee Maker is run with the thermostat and thermal fuse removed. The video was shortened to make it less boring. Of…



webmaster657 says:

And this kids, is why only adults get to drink coffee. Because children
operating coffee makers equals fire and melting shit.

BoomBoxDeluxe says:

Aaah, You removed the thermostat & thermal fuse. This means you wanted
FLAAAAAMES! 😀 Not sure what the variac was for, unless you were trying to
speed-up the heater by pumping excessive volts in it. Doing that may have
killed the experiment if the heater had popped early, then there would have
been disappointment! For that reason, a Fun-Jiggery-Pokery Unit is best
with the biggest possible load connected into the other socket. That way,
if something goes *POP* it doesn’t blow your variac.

InductiveExperiments says:

Nothing’s gonna blow that Variac, its rated higher than all 3 protection
devices in it’s circuit. It was used to speed it up a bit, from 120v to
145v, not too dramatic. The heating element looked pretty tough, so I
wasn’t too worried. I was getting flames whether it was from the element or
not, lol.

Haylie Wilson says:

I’m so happy you made this. I’m raging at my broken Keurig and this was

1912RamblerFan01 says:

Ooops… It melted!

InductiveExperiments says:

Well, I’m glad I could help! I didn’t expect it to help anyone though lol

TL M says:

Oh my that’s gonna be a dark cup of Jo. Haa! Lol

OlegKostoglatov says:

The thermal fuse deciding to die is why most coffee makers get junked,
often there is no reason why they pop other then age. I’m pretty sure that
drip coffee makers work through a thermosyphon action where the heating
element heats up a metal tube with water flowing through it, the heated
water expands and is forced to the top. It looks like this particular
coffee maker’s housing is made out of polyethylene or polypropylene, it
melts then burns away to nothing almost like paraffin wax.

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