Coffee Maker Destruction

Coffee Maker Destruction

Got another coffee maker for you all. The baking soda and vinegar was pretty uneventful, but I bypassed the thermostat and thermal fuses to cause the coffee …



Mytechtime says:

Around 6:18, the coffee maker takes a piss in fear.

MicrowaveMeShow says:

Love how the coffee maker ended up brewing itself. Can you do something
like this with one of those high end machines sometime, like a Keurig? I
understand though if that’s a bit out of your price range, but I think that
would definitely be a cool idea to give a try.

PS: YouTube’s subscriber system notification system is complete dogshit. I
had no idea you posted this. I posted a few videos recently myself but I
wouldn’t be surprised if you were unaware of them for the same reason. I
think Google may be trying to ruin the subscriber feed just like they did
video responses to give them an excuse to replace subscribers with stupid
Google- circles. I swear, if they do that, I’m moving to dailymotion. And
I’m not kidding.

Jennifer Parks says:

I have the same coffee maker

Navisir says:

Smoking machine! lol

corwin11412 says:

I like my coffee with a little extra kick. I think this did the trick!

aussielinux says:

wow, first. yay……..

Miss Fishy says:

This was so cool! I have a crazy idea. Have a coffee maker brew thermite.
Stick some kind of flammable liquid in that gets really hot and when the
thermite goes off it’ll completely annihilate the coffee maker into a
flaming puddle of melted plastic and metal.

gunnar GFORCE says:

Mom likes coffee In morning 

Michael grech-cumbo says:

Mmmmm yummy!

Dennis Childs says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

gunnar GFORCE says:

Mom likes coffee 

CoinHunting Drew says:

Must’ve smelled terrific..
Keep up with the destruction videos, they are fun to watch for some odd

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