Cleaning a Coffee Maker with CLR

Cleaning a Coffee Maker with CLR

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George Ouimet says:


Ruined my coffee maker also. Followed the directions from CLR to a T…
After 20 times passing water though it, I still can not get the smell and
taste of CLR out of my coffee..

Do this only if you love drinking harsh chemicals and perhaps a visit to
the hospital.´╗┐

C Hale says:

Thank you for the quick and simple directions´╗┐

James Justice says:

@TheBlackBeltPanda I clean my coffee maker once a year with CLR. I pour 1
cup of CLR in the machine, with 12 cups water, Let that run through. Then
do it again. I then clean the coffee pot in my dishwasher and run 10 full
cycles of water through the machine. Can’t taste the CLR and the machine
works like new. Not too bad for a 22 year old machine.

Shivati Starr says:

Same thing but with Fix-it and a Keurig. But its the same stuff.

William Straughan says:

baking soda is better

TheBlackBeltPanda says:

Thanks for ruining my $100 coffemaker. Ran out of coffee cleaner and white
vinegar, so I gave this a try. I followed the directions to the “T” and my
coffee tastes like CLR now. NOTHING gets the taste out. I’ve rinsed it
countless times using water, vinegar, lemon juice, baking soda, etc.
Nothing worked. Now I have to go buy a new coffeemaker. My advice: Stop
telling people they can clean their coffeemakers with this stuff.

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